Guys! If the guy says you are lovable..?

Does he mean: Yes, I am attracted to you or just simply wants to show you that you are only friends?

9 Answers

  1. it can mean either youre adorable and cute like a pet

    or omgyousexythangiwantyouinmybed,

    usually the latter. guys think through their penises.

  2. Definitions of lovable on the Web:

    * having characteristics that attract love or affection; “a mischievous but lovable child”

    * Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection.Oxford Illustrated American Dictionary (1998) + Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary (2000). …

    * Inspiring love or affection

    * lovably – In a lovable manner

    * lovableness – The property that makes someone or something lovable

  3. lovable either means he just want to be friends or just wants to get into bed with you to find out ask him

  4. Just simply wants to show you that you are only friends.

  5. i dont want to be wrong but if i were to say that i would have to be physically attracted to you lovable to me means your my lover and i love you.

  6. wellll this one can go either way meaning he is saying this because he doesnt like u like that but doenst wanna hurt u and is sayin it in a nice way or the fella means good and actually cares for u =] now i recommened u spend time togehter get to know each other and see where things go GOOD LUCK AND ALWAYS GOD BLESS

  7. If someone says that it means “there are plenty of people out there who would like you”, that’s all. It could encompass him liking you secretly or unfortunately he could be trying to make you feel better in your dating situation.

  8. it could mean either of the two, look for other signs which speak more than words, like flirting.

  9. Ask him!

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