Got a random usps shipping notification from RAPID ENTERPRISES INC/ STAMPS IRVINE ,CA First-Class Package Service, anyone have a clue ?

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  1. Apparently it can be *both* for scams and legit shipments… 

    1) Received a small e-packet from USPS without the foggiest idea of what it was or where it was ordered…

    2) The label had a China Post tracking number which had it originating from Chengdu…and a USPS confirmation email had an alternative tracking number showing that it also passed through New York with a reference to “RAPID ENTERPRISES INC/ STAMPS NEW YORK, NY”

    3) The contents of the parcel was a generic, nylon-braided “3 in 1 data cable”, which is cool I guess, but I still didn’t understand why I received it.

    4) Remembered that I was offered a free gift a couple weeks back for writing a review of a mobile phone screen protector I ordered on Amazon.


    For this particular China Post/Rapid Enterprises shipment, the screen protector brand is “UniqueMe”, and their gift handling was done by “[email protected]

    Hope this helps future searchers trying to figure out what the heck they just got mailed. 😋

  2. It’s a SCAM.  I haven’t ordered anything and I have received same notice today

  3. I received a tracking number from the same “Sender”.

    Checked the tracking number. Turns out it’s makeup I ordered off of Ebay.

  4. I just received a notice from this company that it would be delivered today! I order so much online that I wasn’t sure what it was! Interesting!

  5. I got one and it’s a check….$3000+ from a bank in Texas (frontier) yeah I’d say secret shopper scan alright… Out together with us just recently moving and they had my correct address! Odd

  6. I got the same thing. Somehow I think its tied to a potential “Secret Shopper” scam.

  7. I received a notification as well, however mine is from Prospect, CN. The tracking number does not match anything I have ordered.

  8. I got one too. Supposed to be delivered today.

  9. They are a seller of, or fulfillment house for, products sold on Amazon but not shipped from Amazon.

  10. if you got a USPS notice it would seem that Rapid Ent sent something that was not deliverable and that it is now waiting for you to pick it up at the Post office

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