express the equilibrium constant for the following reaction [Solved]

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Question 3

Express the equilibrium constant for the following reaction 2K(s) +2H2O(l) > 2KOH(aq) +H2(g)
Question 4

Express the equilibrium constant for the following reaction 8 NaOH(aq) + 4H28 Na(s) 8H200
Answer to question 1

Given reaction 

P4 (s) + 5 O2 (g) ⇔ P4O10 (s)P4 (s) + 5 O2 (g) ⇔ P4O10 (s)

We know that , in equilibrium constant expression , pure component concentration terms or their partial pressure terms does not appearing , because Activity of pure component  is one.

Pure component means : Pure solid , pure liquid etc.

Now write the equilibrium constant expression for the given reaction 5 O2 P4O10 (s)

solid Hence equilibrium constant expression is K=1[O2]5=[O2]−5 Answer K= [O2]−5 , option (A) is correct

Answer to question 2

Answer: d

The balanced reaction equation is:


The equilibrium constant expression does not include species in solid or liquid states. In this reaction it means that we omit both reactants. The products are written with their concentrations multiplied and exponents equal to their stoichiometric coefficients:


Answer to question 3


The expression of equilibrium constant (K) will be-

K = [KOH] [H​​​​​​2]

​​The concentration of pure liquid and solids are constant. They  are not included in the equilibrium expression.

Answer to question 4

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