draw the major organic product of the reaction shown below. [Solved]

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Q1 (b) A hollow circular post ABC as shown in Figure Q1 (b) supports a load P = 65A5 N acting at the top. A second load P, is uniformly distributed around the cap plate at B. The diameters and thicknesses of the upper and lower parts of the post are d = 3B mm , tAB = 12 mm, dpc = 5C mm, and tc =9 mm , respectively. The value of A, B and C are given by: A=the last digit of your matrix number B=the fifth digit of your matrix number C = the forth digit of your matrix number For example, a student with the matrix number CD200187 will have the values of P = 6575 N, d = 38 mm and d =51 mm. AB BC (i) Calculate the normal stress oAg on the upper part of the post. (ii) If it is desired that the lower part of the post have the same compressive stress as the upper part, what should be the magnitude of the load P,? (iii) If P, remains at 65A5 N and P, is now set at 10052 N, what is the new thickness of BC that will result in the same compressive stress in both parts?
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(iv) What is the elongation of an steel rod of 100mm length when it is subjected to a tensile strain of 0.002? a) 0.2mm b) 0.3mm c) 0.5mm d) 0.1mm
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