Draw the expected major elimination product and identify the mechanism

Question 1

Draw The Expected Major Elimination Product And Identify The Mechanism. These Conditions Will Under Go An Reaction

Question 2

Sapling Learning Draw the expected major elimination product for the following E1 reaction.

Question 3

Answer to question 1

Answer to question 2

E1E1 reaction is a unimolecular reaction which takes by two steps:



During ionization, carbocation is formed as an intermediate. In deprotonation step, removal of proton takes place from the carbocation in the presence of a base forming a pi-bond

The final product formed in E1E1 reaction is an unsaturated compound.

The mechanism and final product formed in the reaction is given below:

In the first step, a carbocation is formed as an intermediate by the removal of leaving group (methyltosylate)

Then, the carbocation react with the base by the removal of hydrogen from the carbocation thereby forming 1,4,4−trimethylcyclohex−1−ene1,4,4−trimethylcyclohex−1−ene as the final product

So the expected major product for this E1E1 reaction is .1,4,4−trimethylcyclohex−1−ene

Answer to question 3

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