Does the military do spinal tapping?

Marines? Army? Navy? Air Force? Do they do spinal taps for previous drugs? What drugs can come up positive for spinal tapping?

I have never done lsd acid shrooms coke etc. But my cousin (who hasnt either) said that they do (hes going into the AF) I was just curious as if they actually do… Future Leatherneck here

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  1. No, they do not do spinal taps. You will have blood and urine taken, as well as interviews asking about drug use. It isn’t cost effective to use spinal taps and there is a large amount of risk in such procedures on such a vast population of recruits.

    All of the “major-player” drugs will come up on a spinal tap. Most people think that technicians put the -whatever- fluid in to a super computer and it will magically tell you what is in the fluid…that’s not how it works. The testing system is only capable of detecting chemicals it is programmed to detect. If you wanted to detect if someone was eating potatoes, you have to break down potatoes and find a compound that is specific only with potatoes. Much of the newer synthetic drugs are “untraceable” simply because the compounds that are specific to the drug have not been isolated, identified, and found to be detectable under blood or urine analyses. This is concept that many people find difficult to believe because they watch dumb television shows, like CSI, where they put a piece of hair in a machine and it tells them who it belonged to in 30 seconds; that is complete B.S. and there isn’t a single system that works that way(in the real world).

    And someone mentioned doing hair samples…even that is too expensive/time consuming. I have been through some pretty thorough background investigations and my experience is that investigators will always resort to in depth-interviews and polygraphs before they break out the “extreme tests,” like spinal taps and hair testing.

    If you are planning on joining the military, I suggest you stop using drugs. What ever job you do in the military, you will -likely- be responsible for millions of dollars worth of assets or human lives. You don’t need to be doing your job under the influence of intoxicating substances.

  2. I VERY strongly doubt it. Spinal faucets are very high priced an invasive…and that i doubt that they had tell them something. If I have been them i’d do a hair try…yet i’d wager they do in simple terms urine and in step with probability blood.

  3. Hell no! So damn expensive not to mention dangerous to do a spinal tap on every trainee that comes through. You piss in a cup and they draw your blood, nothing else.

  4. good lord – if you are THAT nervous about drugs, obviously you do them, and i would recommend another career path. if you are that hard core, you aren’t going to quit, and your habit will get you a nice 6 x 8 room in kansas for a few years….

    not worth it dude….

  5. Why do you think they would do that? It is not trivial, has risks, and most are so stupid in taking drugs they get themselves caught? Analyzing hair would be much easier.

  6. No we don’t do a damn spinal tap……………..

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