does anyone know any games like student survivor,poptropica,club penguin etg?

who ever answers will get yahoo points

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  1. Hi there, there are many virtual games’ reviews and information on the below website. This site reviewed almost all of the popular virtual games that are available on the Internet. I am very sure that you will find one that suits you by visiting it. Happy surfing. =)

    Oh yes, please do not be mislead by the web address name because you can definitely find much more than just for kids!

  2. Student Survivor Game

  3. If you want online try wizard101,word of warcraft, pirates of the carribean online (potc),Aion,lienage,runescape, If your looking for sites the have games go to onemore level .com. and if you need to look for even more try

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For those of us who are familiar with Poptropica, you surely enjoy the game’s originality, adventure, and quests. Poptropica, in case you didn’t know, is an online adventure game where you can put your innovative and creative abilities to the test. Make your character your own, decorate your home, fight monsters, accomplish jobs, adopt pets, and interact with others in this role-playing game! The following is a list of games that are similar to Poptropica. Enjoy!

1. JENNY LeCLUE: DETECTIVÙ – Best Games like Poptropica with Missions

Are you up for some fun in the sun? Because Jenny LeClue is a Poptropica-style online game in which players must solve riddles and mysteries while simultaneously exploring an ambient setting and engaging in conversation with a diverse cast of quirky characters. Young detective Jenny LeClue is on a mission to clear her mother’s name and find the real killer. If you don’t already know, the decisions players make in this game have a significant impact on the outcome. Players will have to work together and figure out who’s telling the truth.

2. NIGHT IN THE WOODS – Best Games like Poptropica Online

This one’s for those who prefer to go alone. Mae is your character in this single-player adventure game. A college dropout, Mae comes back to her hometown of Possum Springs, where she lives with her mother. During a nighttime foray into the woods, Mae unearths long-kept mysteries about the community. One of Casey’s old friends, Casey, has vanished without a trace after working at the town’s recently shuttered mine.

Come back to the town, meet new people, and uncover terrible mysteries. The Night in the Woods narrative is an exciting one, so have fun with it!

3. CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND – Best Games Like Poptropica for Adults

Club Penguin Island is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) created by the Disney Interactive Studios. Different places and zones make up the game’s features. Progress in the game is assessed by the player’s level of penguin. As you complete chores and adventures, your penguin level will rise. As a result, you’ll receive rewards for reaching new levels. As an added bonus, quests can be completed for yield coins and XP. Club Penguin Island is another one of our fantastic online games like Protropica that you simply must not miss.

4. ROBLOX – Best Games like Poptropica and Club Penguin

Ever had a game concept but never got the chance to put it into action? Gamers can use Roblox to program games as their friends play them, and vice versa. Creating games with a group of friends is much more fun because everyone has an equal opportunity to bring their ideas to reality. Robux, the in-game cash, can be used to purchase additional stuff for your character. There have been a lot of excellent reviews of Roblox, so you’re likely to enjoy it!

5. TRANSFORMICE – Best Fun Games like Poptropica

Transformice, often known as TFM or T4M, is a multiplayer online game that is free to play. The cheese must be returned by a swarm of mice. It is necessary to touch the cheese in order to collect it, and the cheese must be returned to its mouse hole on the map. A variable number of cheese and mouse dwellings can be found on each map.

The player’s permanent stats are awarded with points for gathering cheese, as well as bonus points for first, second, and third place finish. When a player achieves the greatest possible score, they are designated as a Shaman. In this game, you’ll never run out of things to do. Transformice, in my opinion, is one of the best online games like Poptropica because of the wide range of features it offers.

6. LADY POPULAR – Best Computer Games like Poptropica

This game is for you whether you’re a fashionista, a supermodel, or just enjoy to dress up. In the beginning, each player chooses a character named Lady. After that, you’ll be able to alter the appearance of your character’s hair and makeup. It is possible to buy and decorate a home for her, as well as converse and work with other people.

Other players compete for the finest apartment, best party, and best lady in the game. The nicest part about these competitions is that you have to do your best to make her famous.

7. FISHAO – Best Animal Games like Poptropica

Fishao is the last of the Poptropica-like games to mention. You’ll be tasked with catching 400 different species of fish spread across ten diverse locations. You can personalize your avatar, decorate your house, and interact with other players from all around the world in an online role-playing game. This is your ultimate goal: winning the world-renowned fishing competition.

It may be a bit frustrating to connect with characters, but I think the game’s vibrant colors and fantastic gameplay make it worth the aggravation. You’ll want to thank me once you’ve played these games, I promise. Oh, and set aside time to avoid being addicted; these are really addictive!

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