Do you like jewelry? What kind of jewelry do you wear the most?

We weren’t allowed to wear jewelry at my school except small necklaces with crosses. Now that I’m graduated I really love wearing jewelry. I’ve bought so many necklaces lately I don’t know how to store them. What jewelry do you wear every day, and then on special days? (weddings, parties, ect) How do you store them?

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  1. I’m fond of collecting jewelry, but I rarely wear most of the pieces I own. I bought beautiful Venetian glass bead necklaces and bracelets on a trip to Italy when I was thirteen, and haphazardly hung them on wall sconces as I was unpacking. The next day I was delighted to discover how lovely they looked with the sun streaming in through the windows and creating a kaleidoscopic sparkle. I then began purchasing jewelry on every trip as sentimental souvenirs and hanging them from candelabras, the sides of my standing mirror, and other spots throughout my room. I also buy jewelry as gifts rather than picking up tee shirts or other items from tacky tourist shops.

    I keep more precious jewelry like the gorgeous necklace my parents gave me for my debutante ball, the pearls belonging to my grandmother that my grandfather gave me for my high school graduation, and other gifts in jewelry boxes to protect them. I have a simple jewelry chest at my mom’s house, and this pretty piece of furniture specifically made to hold jewelry at my dad’s house. One day I might actually wear these pieces more regularly, but for now I prefer just admiring them at home.

    Everyday I wear the same two pieces because they are special to me even if they aren’t especially pretty. A couple of years ago when my grandmother was ill and in her last few months of life she went through her jewelry collection and selected pieces she wanted me to have at certain moments of my life and gave them to my grandfather and mom to pass on to me after she was gone. My favorite is the ring her parents gave her when she graduated from university. She wanted me to receive it the day I was accepted to college. I literally have never taken it off since then. I wear it on my wedding finger even though it’s supposedly bad luck to do so and tends to confuse people. I’ll get odd looks sometimes because I’m so young and it appears like I’m wearing an engagement or wedding ring. Oh well. It fits perfectly on that finger, and I don’t want to wear it on my right hand because I paint with it and am worried about paint splashing onto it. The other piece I wear daily is a necklace my great-grandmother gave me on my last birthday that she was alive to celebrate with me. I take it off to sleep and shower, but put it on every morning.

    ~ skylark : )

  2. i have about 30 necklaces but i only wear 2 at a time. i have a long gold chain with a diamond cross on it that belonged to my grandmother that ive only taken off about 5 times since it was given to me. and the other necklace i own is a silver chain with like those little top things from the tops of soda and beer cans. then i wear this rose ring that goes down to my middle knuckle. and i also wear a ton of bracelets that ive collected over the years. on a daily basis i wear about enough on each arm so that half of the first part of my arm is completely covered.

    oh and i have 3 ear piercings on each ear but i almost never wear earrings.

    andd i keep all of it in a big jewelry box.

  3. Yes, I do. =] I wear earrings and necklaces everyday. I love the jewelry from Anthropologie- I like the style of it. It’s similar to the jewelry from Forever 21 sometimes. ^_^ I store it in my closet.

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  5. I love jewellery! I have my ears pierced, so I wear earrings (2 in each ear). I also like to wear the small pendant necklaces you can buy in Accessorize. I also bought a lovely necklace like this one off Etsy: which I like to wear at weekends (we’re not allowed to wear jewellery at school either). On special days I also like to wear my gold jewellery from my grandmother and shell bracelets stacked up or bangles. I have a jewellery box that is like a mini dresser with drawers for earrings, rings, necklaces, pins, bracelets and ‘etc’. I also have an octopus jewellery tree that I made that I hang necklaces on. You could hang necklaces on pins on a corkboard too.

    – Joanna Eve

  6. I love jewelry, we aren’t supposed to wear it at my school either but everyone does..

    Today I wore,

    -2 small chair necklaces.

    -Thumb ring.

    -Collection of bracelets(ropey-ones, Jack Wills band, ect)

    and all my piercing studs.

    -Bellybutton, Tongue, Rook, Cartilage, Tragus, Daith and 3 on one lobe, 2 on the other.

    I have two wooden hand sculpture thingys, you store rings on the fingers, bracelets on the wrist, you can hang necklaces off the fingers too and I put studs and things on the palm.

  7. I always wear two rings- my ruby one and opal one- and my silver Van Halen necklace, which is really sentimental. I’ve worn all of these every day since getting them. I never wear any other jewelry.

  8. I don’t wear too much jewelry but I wear studs and small hoops in my ears everyday and sometimes I wear small necklace 🙂

  9. I’m mostly always wearing earrings. I have a few necklaces but i barely wear them.

  10. i mostly wear silver, cuz it goes well with my black colored clothing. i have a leather necklace with a pretty big “dirty” silver cross with a bronze anarchy sign in the middle (custom), cartilage piercings on my left ear, also silver but sometimes bronze, a little cheap ring i won in a game, but has a large amount of sedimental value, and a purity ring on a silver chain, but i really dont wear it, i usually have it in my pocket or hidden somewhere.

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