do you have to wear underwear under your jammers?

im about to take swimming class and i want to wear jammers because im more comfortable with it. do i have to wear underwear under it?

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  1. No. You should never wear underwear with swim wear of any kind.

  2. No, in fact most people don’t. It’s more common to wear underwear under swim trunks than it is to wear underwear underneath jammers. Sometimes, people will even wear jammers instead of underwear, particularly if they plan on swimming sometime that day.

  3. There is no need to wear underwear under your jammers. If you want to, you could possibly wear a swimming brief. Your local sports store sells them cheap, usually either speedo, dolphin, or tyr. But there is really no need to wear anything under jammers. By the way, swimming briefs are more comfortable than jammers in my opinion.

  4. Typically the Jammer will have an inner net/piece, like most other suits. Assuming the suit fits properly, there is no need to wear any thing else. Also, it would most likely be more comfortable to forgo wearing any undergarments.

  5. Hello. I understand where you’re for I had very similar difficulties when I first started out before I found the unique sport of science. But that’s beside the point. You should not because first of all most suits typically already have built in panties. Also it would be very uncomfortable and if you are swimming competitively it may even slow you down a bit. I sure hope your problem is resolved.

  6. Wearing underwear under a swimsuit is gross, unnecessary and unsanitary.

    Jammers are better than baggy bathing pants, but briefs are best.

  7. you dont have to

  8. No.

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