Do candle warmers really make candles last longer?

I have a candle warmer and I’ve read they are supposed to make your candles last longer. But I’ve noticed my candles tend to not smell as much with the warmer and often after I’ve melted the candle once when I go to rewarm it the smell isn’t as strong. Should I be only warming it for 2 hours at a time or something?

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  1. Warmers don’t disperse the scent as much because the temperature is lower than if the candle was burned. Some candle companies don’t recommend using candle warmers because there is a risk of the glass breaking or even exploding. This can happen when heat melts and expands the wax on the bottom and the wax on the top is still cold and solid prevents upward expansion. The increasing pressure on the glass from the expanding warm wax can cause it to break. It is usually safer to burn a candle most of the way down and then use the warmer toward the end. If you want more fragrance, consider getting a simmer pot and using tarts or melts (“wickless” candles). Since tarts are not meant to be burned, they can contain more fragrance oils than can be safely put in a candle.

  2. Every time you use the warmer the candle burns off the scent that it was made with. What are you warming is it a jar candle or tarts/melts? That has a lot to do with how long you have to leave the warmer on. If it’s a jar and say it has a 3″ diameter you need to warm it for at least three hours. If they are tarts I would say 2-4 hours. The rule of thumb is burn a candle at least one hour for each one inch of candle in diameter. If you like candles please visit my web site at

  3. The warmer slows rate of burning, and hence, less fragrance is unleashed into the immediate surroundings. Yes, through personal experience they last much longer with the wamer on.


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Candles are very popular and one of the reasons for this popularity is the use of candle warmer. Do candles really last longer on a candle warmer? The answer to this question will depend upon what the candle making materials were used in the candle warmer as well as the quality of the candle.

Candle makers may have used wicks or tapers, or they may have been made of different kinds of metal alloys.

Each candle warmer will hold a different candle type, so it is best to check the labels to see which candle making materials the candle warmer is made from.

Some candle makers may have used paraffin or soy based candle wax which will not burn as hot as other candle waxes. However, if you put any candle wax in the candle warmer, it will fill the container and it may cause the candle to spill or melt.

There is also the problem that candle wax can melt into the container if the candle is overheated. This can happen with candle makers who do not place a lid on the container.

This can cause the candle to overflow or burst. If there is an issue like this, it is best to place the candle in the refrigerator before placing the candle in your candle warmer.

The candle warmer that you use should be made of stainless steel or some other nonporous material. This will prevent the candle wax from melting into the container.

Some candle makers are using glass containers but this is not recommended because the glass can break or the candle could spill.

When cleaning the container of the candle warmer, it is best to use a mild detergent or soap and water and a scrub brush. Do not use any chemical cleaners because they will dissolve the candle wax.

Do Candle Warmers Make Candles Last Forever?

This is one question that candle owners ask all the time. Whether their candle making equipment is new or not, candle warmers can still be an important part of candle making and enjoyment.

Warmers, whether electric or gas, allow candle makers to extend the candle’s burning time and create a more even burn with no smoke or mess. Some candle warmers also have the added benefit of providing candle makers with some measure of safety.

Candle warmers are made up of a base and the heating element, which can either be electrical or a natural gas flame. The base holds the candle wax as it is poured into the mold, while the heating element melts the candle wax in the candle warmer.

Many candle warmers are designed with temperature control buttons which allow candle makers to precisely control the amount of wax added to the warmer.

Some candle warmers require no temperature control buttons at all since they are self-regulating, which means the candle will only burn at the exact temperature of the button pushed by the candle maker.

This is a wonderful feature for candle makers who are not sure of candle quality or candle burning temperatures and safety.

Candles are not made forever, but candle wax does. Most candle makers will agree that candle wax burns best when it is kept in a jar of its own kind, with the proper wick size and no air pockets or holes.

Candle wicks can be reused after being exposed to oxygen for a period of time but many candle manufacturers prefer to throw the unneeded wicks away rather than spending the time and money on them. It is this time and money that are invested in the candle warmer.

When candle wax is kept in a candle warmer, it is kept clean and protected and it is less likely to break or melt.

Advantages and disadvantages of candle warmers

Candle making with molds is a very popular craft and it has been done for centuries. But when you think about what you’re going to make and how much candle wax you’re going to use, candle warmer devices are a better option.

A candle warmer is simply a device which allows for candle scent distribution all over a room without the usage of an open flame. There’s typically a heat and/or light source of some type within the unit, a switch to activate a candle, and a place at the bottom to hold hot wax.

Candle warmers keep your candle wax from melting too quickly. Depending on the type of candle you’re making, it’s recommended that you let a candle burn for around three to five hours prior to you adding it to a warmer.

This will help to allow the candle to slowly burn to the perfect consistency. If you’re using wax cubes for example, you want to allow your melted wax to solidify and set so it will burn properly.

If you continuously burn the candle before it has completely cooled down, you’ll only burn yourself and potentially damage the candle.

The candle warmer functions much like a mini-range burner except it uses a closed wick. Typically you’ll find these in smaller bathroom stores or online, they are much safer because there isn’t an open flame involved.

What this means for you is that if you are using a candle warmer and you have any questions regarding the burn time or temperature, you can simply turn off your light. The candle will remain burning until you take the cover off it or until the fuel burns out.

You won’t have to worry about the safety aspect as the candle stays lit until it reaches the appropriate point. It’s also important to note that you should keep your candle away from flammable objects to avoid any accidents and fires.

Can You Use Any Candle On A Candle Warmer?

Candle warmers are cool little gadgets that enable you to not only have the scent of a candle within your house but also without having an open flame burning in the center of your living room or even kitchen.

You may want to burn candles in a candle warmer simply for various other reasons, but understanding what candles even air can be tough. A candle is essentially made from wax, which is essentially a liquid, which is mixed with a number of other chemicals and heated up to produce a candle.

There are different types of candle warmers available on the market today, but what we’re interested in here is how they work and what it means when you burn a candle with them.

A candle warmer works on a few simple principles, though it’s not a complicated system by any means. The main principle is that once the candle is lit, it begins to slowly evaporate from the sides of the container slowly releasing its scent into the air.

The reason why this occurs is because of the heat generated by the flame, which warms up the wax to a temperature where it will begin to evaporate.

Once the wax has been lost entirely, the candle is then replaced with a new one and the process begins all over again. Of course, this is why there is a need for safety precautions when using this type of product.

Candle warmers contain both wax and paraffin in their ingredients, though the wick is usually composed primarily of soy wax.

There are also other types of candle wax available to you such as grape seed, cottonseed, beeswax, corn wax and even palm wax, which are somewhat different from the others as it is more stable and harder than some of the others. When purchasing a candle wax warmer, you should always choose the one that best suits your needs.

Is it OK to Leave a Candle Warmer on All the Time?

If you plan on candle making, then you should know the answer to the question: is it OK to leave a candle inside a candle holder? Candle makers all have different opinions about this. Some will say that you should never leave a candle unattended, since it could catch fire or explode in your hands.

This is not really true when it comes to candle wax. You can leave a candle inside a candle holder for as long as you want, and it will not get burnt.

Candle warmers are a great way to add scent to your candles. Since candle warmers can store your candle products safely, it makes it easy to keep your candle creations scented and ready for any candle lovers that come around.

Another great way to add scent to candles with candle warmers is by using scent crystals. These little gemstones catch the candle aromas and release them as wonderful smells, creating an all natural smell that lasts longer than candles.

Candle wax warmers can also be used to melt the wax, in which case, it is important to keep the candleholder away from the heat source itself. Although candle wax melts at a relatively low temperature, hot wax can do serious damage if it gets close to a heating element.

It can also catch fire easily, so always make sure you have candleholders away from heat sources. Overall, candle warmers are a great way to add scent to candles, and if you use the proper heat source, they can last for a very long time.

Do Candle Warmers Use a Lot of Electricity?

Do candle warmers use a large amount of energy? The short answer is no, however there are pros and cons to using a candle warmer versus an electric candle warmer. Candle heaters use an electrical current to create heat, which in and of itself is a great thing.

The problem comes from using that heat to warm up your candle creations. Candle warmers can take a large amount of energy to get the candle to the proper temperature for creating your candle creations.

In the case of candle making, that energy consumption can be mitigated somewhat by using a candle warmer as opposed to an electric candle warmer.

Candle Warmers vs Electric Candle Warmers

When it comes to candle warmer uses, there are basically two types: electrically powered candle warmers and thermally powered candle warmer. In the case of candle warmer use, the electrical current to run the heater is what actually heats up the candle wax.

In the case of electric candle warmer, that current is passed through a series of copper or stainless steel plates, which in turn, pass the current on to the candle wax, where it is heated and prepared to be used in candle creations.

There are other candle warmers that do not require any electricity. This type of candle warmer is called plate heaters, and these are found in craft stores, or you can even find them on eBay. Plate heaters are simply long, narrow metal bars with a wick sitting atop them.

As the wick is warmed, it melts and passes through the heating plate and onto the wax melters. These wax melters can produce wicks up to three inches in diameter, which is more than sufficient to cover smaller candles.

How Long Can a Candle Warmer Stay On?

Candle warmers come in different shapes and sizes from the candle bowl shaped candle warmer to the large candle warmer that has many chambers and even lights.

The most common size is probably the candle bowl warmer and it comes with several interchangeable mugs for use on candle making fires or just warming your candle.

You can actually heat your candle bowl directly on your stove if you use a candle making stove top. You don’t need any special tools to make this work.

How long can a candle warmer last? Depending on how well made the candle warmer is, you could leave one on as long as 10 hours. Some candles will lose their fragrance after 4-5 hours in the candle warmer so you might be turning it off soon to replace the candle with a new one. If you do not want to make any changes, leave it on as long as you need.

Candle warmer candle warmers are an important safety device for candle makers. They help prevent candle wax from flying out into the air and spreading in your air ventilation system.

This candle warmer keeps candle wax from reaching your house below, your clothes, your food, your pets, and anyone else’s surfaces. Candle warmers also help keep candles burn longer and hotter so candle makers can spend more time on making great scents and sounds with their candles.

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