Do bearded dragons need calcium or can i just use a uvb bulb to replace the calcium?

So if i go buy a buld today i can just use that as their calcium rather than buying the powder stuff or how does this work because this is what i was told. Also does this mean i can just feed the bearded dragons crickets without dusting them with calcium if i do buy the bulb? I know thats not the only thing they eat but those are my questions.

k now that i know for sure what to do. what calcuim should i get. whats it called?

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  1. The UV Light produces a vititmin called D3. This is not calcium.

    You can buy calcium in powder form such as ‘calci dust’ or what i personally use which has a mixture of good vitimins in it called ‘nutribol’.

    You can give this to your dragon by putting crickets or live food in a bag with some of the calcium powder and shake it around so the crickets are covered in the powder. The dragon will then eat the cricket with the powder on it.

    You can also sprinkle it on its vegetables, but if the veg is wet, it seems to put beardies off it.

    Hope this helps.

  2. UVB aids in the processing of calcium it doesn’t produce it. You need both a UVB light and a calcium powder to put on food.

  3. UVB light doesn’t produce calcium it helps beardies metabolize it. They still need calcium in their diet to stay healthy. You can use the powder on crickets or greens otherwise there is a spray too. You spray it in their water or on their greens.

  4. You need both a 10.0 UVB light and calcium, not either one.

    There isn’t any specific brand of calcium that you need to buy, just so long as it’s designed for reptiles you will be fine 🙂

  5. I dunno, I have a bearded dragon and I just sprinkle a bit of calcium powder on his greens.

    I wouldn’t worry about dusting the crickets either bearded dragons are pretty hardy not finicky like iguana’s. Just make it has a heat lamp and some sunshine or a uv bulb.

  6. Light does not cause the production of calcium.

Relevant information

There can be multiple reasons your Bearded Dragon is not laying under the provided UVB bulb. Often this is due to enclosure set-up. For example, the UV bulb may be too close, too intense, or not in the right spot.

Your Bearded Dragon usually needs to sit under the UVB to get the full benefits. Naturally, it can be concerning if they do not sit under the bulb as they may not be getting enough UVB. 

There are a few reasons your beardie may not be under the UV, most are due to enclosure set-up.

Incorrect placement

Your UV bulb needs to be placed above your Bearded Dragon and not coming in from the side of the enclosure.

The eyebrow ridges that Bearded Dragons possess have developed to protect their sensitive eyes from UV rays from above. If the UV is coming in from the side, it may be irritating to the eyes and your beardie does not want to sit near it.

Too intense

Your Bearded Dragon may not want to sit under the UV bulb because the output is too intense. 

The UVI where your beardie sits should be between 2.4 – 4nm and not above 7nm. Anything higher than 7nm is too intense and will deter your Bearded Dragon from this area.

The intensity of the UVI will depend on the wattage of your UVB bulb and the distance from the basking spot. 

Separate from the heat lamp

Your UV bulb should be placed next to the heat lamp so that in the basking spot your Bearded Dragon receives both heat and UVB which work together to help reptiles function. 

In the wild, the sun provides both these things so this should be emulated in your enclosure by keeping these bulbs together.

The heat is most comfortable for your beardie so if your UV bulb is on the opposite side of the enclosure it may not utilize it and this risks a lack of UVB.

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