diner dash level 3 NEED HELP!?

Flos challenge is to build a 3x chain by delivering food to tables I dont understand what they want me to do can someone HELP!

3 Answers

  1. Diner Dash 3

  2. A chain in Diner Dash means performing the same action several times in a row.

    So, a 3x chain of delivering food to tables means that you must deliver food three times, without doing anything else in between.

  3. just seat them in threes an keep the line happy struggle on for a slong as you can without using the telephone an remember you can pick up four things at a time now but are you sure its level 42 thats a goal of 8000 i am stuck on level 45 an so are a fair few others cos noone knows what to do with the invisible customers

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