Deciding which college to go to can be a stressor. True False?

Deciding which college to go to can be a stressor.



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  1. True. The key words here are “can be a stressor.” Anything can be a stressor…too much success can be a stressor for some people. Many decisions about college are first time things for the student: distant travel alone, long term separation from family, changes in “controls” from family rules to institutional ones, time management, money management, self-maintenance activities like laundry,..all of these may be new and not fully anticipated by the student. Do you go for a prestigious name in the school but a vaguely connected major, or a less known school with exactly the major you want? Is cost/finances a concern? Does the size of the school matter to the student? Thoughtful planning can reduce the issues, but they always “can be a stressor” for the student.

  2. False

    All you need is good planning , the only way you get stressed over any decision in life is by lack of preparation and planning .

Relevant information

Now that you’re away from home, you may be finding that you’re getting involved with new crowds of people and you’re having opportunities to enter into new dating opportunities.  College is a time when many are learning to navigate new dating relationships or even casual romantic interactions.  On top of that, there may be new social pressures or expectations about your drug or alcohol use.  Figuring out where you stand on certain behaviors is important, so you can make decisions that are in alignment with your beliefs and values.  Of course, you also want to minimize the unwanted negative consequences that come with certain decisions. 

Mental Health Counseling Can Help Manage These Common College Stressors

By now, you can see just how many stressors college students face.  After all, you’re in this incredibly important developmental stage in your life where there are so many things happening!  You’re presented with new opportunities for independence, and because of that desire for independence, college students don’t always want to turn to their family members for guidance. This is where counselors, social workers, and mental health therapists can help!

When you sign up for counseling, you have the opportunity to get the support and guidance you need to make important decisions. You’ll get outside feedback from someone who can be objective and who will be looking out for your best interest.  When you work with a counselor, you’ll identify the goals that you want to work on. 

As a college student, you might be looking for support, a place to vent, or a place to get feedback and coping skills.  Some college students are looking to improve self-esteem, peer relationships, communication skills, or time management. These are all goals that can be worked on in counseling.  Others might look to counseling to work through stress, depression, anxiety, or difficult emotions or experiences.  

The Good News About College Students & Mental Health Services

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