Could you guys help me on my latin?

1. What is the best English translation for amatus est?

I was loved

He was loved

She was loved

This is an incorrect answer. Have a nice day!

We praise

2. What is the best English translation for exercuisti?

You exercised

You will be exercised

She was exercising

She used to exercise

3. What is the best English translation for exportae sunt?

They carried away

They (neuter) were carried away

They (feminine) were carried away

They (masculine) were carried away

4. What is the best English translation for expecta eras?

He expected

They had been expected

You had been expected

He has been expected

5. What is the best English translation for speraveram?

I was hoping

I had hoped

I will have hoped

I used to hope

6. What is the best English translation for visitata eritis?

He has been visited

He has visited

You were visited

You will have been visited

7. What is the best Latin translation for “She was ordered”?

imperatae erant

imperata erat

imperatae sunt

imperata est

8. What is the best Latin translation for “He had been asked”?

rogata ero

rogatus erat

rogatus est

rogati eram

9. to the corresponding Latin form.

1. present active

2. present passive

3. imperfect active

4. imperfect passive

5. future active

6. future passive

7. perfect active

8. perfect passive

9. pluperfect active

10. pluperfect passive

11. future perfect active

12. future perfect passive

a. habuerit

b. auctus eram

c. auxeratis

d. habebas

e. augebemini

f. mansus est

g. vidimus

h. maneor

i. exercebatur

j. docebimus

k. amatae eritis

l. maturat

10. Match the Latin verb to the corresponding English translation.

1. She is changing

2. She is changed

3. She was changing

4. She was changed

5. She will change

6. She will be changed

7. She has been changed

8. She has changed

9. She had been changed

10. She had changed

11. She will have been changed

12. She will have changed

a. mutabit

b. mutabitur

c. mutatur

d. mutavit

e. mutat

f. mutaverit

g. mutata erit

h. mutabat

i. mutaverat

j. mutabatur

k. mutata est

l. mutata erat

11. Choose the 2nd person singular future passive form of removeo, removere, removi, remotus.



remotus es

remotus estis

12. Which verb mood is used to give commands?





2 Answers

  1. I’ve given you my answers below, but working from the principle that a fish may feed one person for a day but that learning how to fish may feed the same person for a lifetime, you should really get to know for yourself possible reference sources for Latin verb forms. The website

    allows you to enter a Latin verb form and then provides you with the verb form’s correct person, tense, mood and voice. This will answer many of your questions. Don’t just leave it there, however, but click on the link offering to conjugate the verb. Study the verb endings and see how “-bit” means the future, while “-bat” means the imperfect and how a verb form in two parts, e.g. amatus sum, means the passive voice in either the perfect, future perfect or pluperfect tense.

    1. He was loved

    2. You exercised

    3. They (feminine) were carried away

    4. You had been expected

    5. I had hoped

    6. You will have been visited

    7. imperata est

    8. rogatus erat

    9. 1. present active: l. maturat 2. present passive: h. maneor 3. imperfect active: d. habebas 4. imperfect passive: i. exercebatur 5. future active: j. docebimus 6. future passive: e. augebimini 7. perfect active: g. vidimus 8. perfect passive: f. mansus est 9. pluperfect active: c. auxeratis 10. pluperfect passive: b. auctus eram 11. future perfect active: a. habuerit 12. future perfect passive: k. amatae eritis

    10. 1. She is changing: e. mutat 2. She is changed: c. mutatur 3. She was changing: h. mutabat 4. She was changed: j. mutabatur 5. She will change: a. mutabit 6. She will be changed: b. mutabitur 7. She has been changed: k. mutata est 8. She has changed: d. mutavit 9. She had been changed: l. mutata erat 10. She had changed: i. mutaverat 11. She will have been changed: g. mutata erit 12. She will have changed: f. mutaverit

    11. removeberis

    12. imperative

  2. Define Pluperfect

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