Compared to the shoulder displacements of the hip joints are

Question 1

Compared to the shoulder, displacements of the hip joints are:

A) common due to the weight-bearing the hip endures

B) rare because of the ligament reinforcement

C) common in all people who are overweight

D) rare because the rotator cuff stabilizes the hip joint

Question 2

Question 3

Compare the hip joint with the shoulder joint in terms of Mobility and Strength.

Answer to question 1

The problem of dislocation or displacement is very common in freely mobile joints. Shoulder and hip joints have similar arrangements. However, the dislocation is more frequent in the shoulder joint than the hip joint. The shoulder joint has more mobility due to a shallow socket than a hip joint. The hip joint has a deep socket and more extensive and stronger muscles and ligaments as compared to the shoulder joint. Therefore, it is less likely to dislocate a hip joint.

Answer to question 2

Question 5: The shoulder joint has greater mobility than the hip joint but has reduced stability

The hip joint has more contact between the area of articular surfaces which provides greater stability but reduces the mobility. The hip joint is more constrained – restricted by strong ligaments, thereore lesser range of motion. 

The shoulder joint has less contact between the ball and socket – the articular surface which gives greater mobility but reduces stability . Shoulder joint has less ligament support therefore a large range motion. 

Question 6: Sarcolemma 

The cell membrane of a muscle fiber is called the sarcolemma and the cytoplasm, is called as the sarcoplasm. The sarcolemma has the property of excitability and conducts the electrical impulses that occur during depolarization. 

Answer to question 3

compare the shoulder and hip joint:the shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint and it is synovial joint( it is the joint that joins bones with a joint with a fibrous capsule and it is also continuous with the periosteum of the bones that are joined and this synovial cavity is filled with synovial fluid) and the joint functions as a diarthrosis and multitaxial joint , and the bones involved in the shoulder joint is glenoid cavity of the scapula and head of the humerus, it is the loose joint. and the hip joint is also ball and socket joint and it is the articulation of the pelvis with the femur and it is the connection between the axial skeleton and the lower limb and the ball is the femoral head and the socket is the acetabulum, the shoulder joint is shallow and flat joint and hip joint is deep socket (os coxa ), the mobility of the shoulder joint is more, and the hip joint is less mobility compared to the shoulder joint , and the stability of the hip is more when compared to the shoulder joint and the shoulder is the suspension joint and the hip is the weight bearing joint, the socket of the both shoulder and hip has labrum , and this labrum in the shoulder acts as a bumper and labrum in the hip acts as the gasket seat and the shoulder joint is mainly used for mobility and the hip joint is used for the mobility and stability, the 4 muscles in the shoulder joint and ligament gives the joint stability, the hip joint has a more ligements and tight so it is more stable joint and the hip muscles gives more stability because as they are not attached right to the hip joint.

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