Comeback to “you suck” “you swallow”?

whenever i get mad at a guy, i say “you suck” then he says “you swallow”. what’s a comeback for that???

8 Answers

  1. Say, “Yes I do!” confidently and twirl around like Beyonce with your arms in the air. Then give him the middle finger and strut away.

  2. I would just say…. you suck… and swallow… before he has time to say anything back.

    If anybody else is around, tell them he made you stick sex toys in his butt.

  3. Gee – why do you believe you deserve to zing the guy a second time?? The first insult wasn’t good enough to satisfy your need to insult? He has every right to zing you – he wouldn’t have, if you hadn’t first.

    Walk away and keep your thoughts to yourself – unless you can handle getting insulted too.

  4. Perhaps “You spit”

    Or change it up and say something different to throw him off for once.

  5. “You suck”

    “You swallow”

    “You eat”

    “You choke”

    “You spit”

    Those are the ones I use

  6. “You suck”

    “You swallow”

    “You digest”

    “You excrete”

    “You flush”

    “You wipe”

  7. Tell him if your lucky

  8. ……maybe, but not you!

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