Classify the given items with the appropriate group

Question 1

classify the given items with the appropriate group deltoid themes muscle

Question 2

Classify The Given Items With The Appropriate Group. Sodium Phosphate Negatively Charged Proteins Chloride Potassium…

Question 3

Answer to question 1

1)Axillary– deltoid, teres minor, 2) Median — thenar muscles , 3) Radial — brachio radilalis and triceps muscle , 4) ulnar muscle– flexor carpi ulnaris, 5) musculocutaneous– brachialis and biceps brachii.

Answer to question 2

Abundant in cytosol-


Negatively charged proteins


Abundant in interstitial fluid-



Cytosol is the compartment inside the cell which is enclosed by plasma membrane. The inside of cell is relatively negative because less number of cations are present inside the cell as compared to outside, and presence of negatively charged proteins inside the cell.

The space between the cells is called the interstitial space filled with fluid. Ions like sodium, chloride and bicarbonate are higher in interstitial fluid.

Answer to question 3

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Motor branches 

  1. Segmental branches –
  2. Ansa cervicalis 

Cutaneous branch 

  1. Supraclavicular branch
  2. Transverse cervical 
  3. Lesser occipital 
  4. Greater auricular 

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