CHEM 107 Common Graded Assignment 50 Points Introduction

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How many sailors and explorers did Queen Isabella fund? Spanish Age of Exploration: The age of exploration started early in the 15th century when sailors from Europe, particularly Portugal, Spain, and England, traveled the world. Portugal is considered to have been the first country to start the exploration expeditions. The rise of wealthy monarchies that funded explorations facilitated these expeditions.
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How did Queen Isabella benefit from Christopher Columbus’ discovery? Treaty of Tordesillas (1494): The Treaty of Tordesillas was issued by Pope Alexander VI on June 7, 1494, and granted Spain all lands west of the Cape Verde Islands, which included most of the Caribbean, and South and Central America up until an imaginary line; Portugal was granted all lands on the other side of the line.
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Answer and Explanation: Queen Isabella only funded Columbus in his expedition. After Isabella and Ferdinand concluded the Reconquista, they were looking to further extend their conquest to other countries to gain a commercial advantage over Portugal and expand Catholicism. Christopher Columbus, a sailor and explorer from Genoa, Italy, faced the challenge of getting to India by land. This is because the journey was long and often full of hostile enemies. As a result, he decided to chart his way westwards from Europe to Asia with the expectation the route would be shorter. After his funding requests were rebuffed by several European countries, Queen Isabella and Ferdinand agreed to fund him with three ships, namely, Santa Maria, Pinta, and the Nina. His first voyage set sail on August 1492, but instead of landing in Asia as expected, he came across an island in the Bahamas. He later sailed to Hispaniola, but after failing to obtain much of the merchandise and precious stones he had promised Isabella, he left for Spain. Columbus ended up making four trips across the Atlantic.
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Answer and Explanation: Queen Isabella and her Spanish kingdom benefitted in many ways from the voyages and conquests of Christopher Columbus. The lands acquired by Columbus in the Caribbean led to additional expeditions funded by the crown, which in turn granted Spain more conquered lands in South, Central, and parts of North America. The riches initially brought back in the form of gold and silver only increased as more land was conquered in the name of Spain, which in turn lined the pockets of the crown. In addition, Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand, and Spain benefitted greatly off of the trade which resulted from the New World, known as the Columbian Exchange. The trade in goods, animals, and other resources made Spain more wealthy and increased its status as a world colonial power.

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