Can’t open large glass bottle of Bombay sapphire. ?

Ive tried everything, including running under hot water, towel. Tried opening with a rubber oven mitt. I’m stumped! The top is very tough and I can’t get scissors up there or a knife either. Any suggestions? The cap is stuck, I can spin it forever but the seal just won’t break! Help would be much appreciated thank ya!

3 Answers

  1. run the sharp edge of the knife around the seam where the two meet. Like, hold the sharp edge to it, and run it around so it cuts it open.

    My EDIT:

    So? Did it work? Are you enjoying a glass of Bombay sapphire? (What IS Bombay sapphire, btw?) I guess I will go look it up . . . . . .

  2. The bottle will not open. Its Sunday, your local prohibits alcohol consumption on Sundays. Old local blue law.

  3. Quit drinking…

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