Can you give me all amu ikuto episodes in Shugo Chara?

I want to see all amu ikuto episodes in shugo chara coz I’m a fan of it!..


4 Answers

  1. WOOT! Amuto 4ever!

    Season 1

    Episode 1 – A Guardian Character Is Born!

    Episode 3 – Flaky and Fluffy, Leave It To Suu!

    Episode 4 – I’m The Trump Card!?

    Episode 12 – A Sad Christmas Eve!

    Episode 18 – Happy, Embarrasing First Date!

    Episode 21 – Kidnapping Of Guardian Characters!

    Episode 22 – Guardian Characters Rescue Mission!

    Episode 25 – Nadeshiko! Goodbye Despite Spring!?

    Episode 26 – The New Beginning!

    Season 2

    Episode 29 – Character Transformation!? Amulet Angel!

    Episode 33 – I Can’t Help But Fall In Love – One of my faves apart from yucky Tadamu scenes… what kinda name is that?

    Episode 38 – Key, Lock, He and I!

    Episode 49 – The Secret of the Violin! Notes Dancing in the Wind!

    Episode 51 – I’ll Get The Embryo!

    SC! Doki-

    Episode 53 – Hectic Day To Speak Frankly!?

    Episode 57 – Real Pretty Close Call!

    Episode 59 – Hoshina Utau! New Beginning!

    Episode 65 – Snowy Days Are Full Of Secrets?

    Episode 66 – Uproar! A Cat Eared Girl!?

    Episode 67 – An UFO Girl Appears!

    Episode 70 – I Hate These Stupid Chocolates!?

    Episode 74 – An Exciting White Day!

    Episode 75 – The Jig Is Up!? Utau Pays A Visit!

    Episode 76 – New Enemy!? Battle On Moonlight!

    Episode 77 – Shocking! First Date Busted!?

    Episode 79 – Ikuto and Amu, Battle Of Sorrow!

    Some of these have only a bit of Amuto, I strongly suggest you miss episode 78, it was so boring!

  2. Ep 4- ikuto gives amu a gift in order to apologize, and is the first ep where he appears in her bedroom Ep 12- First time Amu hears ikuto’s violin Ep 18- They work together to get the Dumpty key back Ep 21- Ikuto saves Amu Ep 22- Ikuto comes to help


    lol u sure like those scenes lol kk these are the episodes: -episode 18: when amu is at the aquarium then ikuto saves her -episode 22:when utau well yea to ikuto -episode 33: when amu is on a date with tadase but when tadase is gone ikuto shows up (im not sure u wanted this part but ill just put it here anyways) -episode 49:when amu see’s ikuto at the park playing his violin -episode 65-67:when ikuto lives with amu then at episode 67 he leaves (lol one of my fav. parts hehe) -episode 70:at the last part of the episode ikuto hides in a greenhouse but collapses then at episode 71 yoru go to amu and begs her to help ikuto so she goes back and brings him home again -episode 74:tadase pops up at amu’s house to confess to her but ikuto is still there and then ikuto and amu talk about stuff that night -episode 76: when ikuto is getting controlled byhis violin and gets a scratch, when he gets home he doesnt remember anything but is still sleeping amu helps cure his scratch -episode 77: while ikuto is still taking a shower amu is in there guarding to see if her parents come all of a sudden her mom opens the door and finds out about ikuto now ikuto has to leave but then tadase come over to confess to amu but ikuto is still there -episode 100: ikuto’s memories -episode 102: ikuto kisses amu at the end of the battle( the end of the episode) there u have it! i hope this helps!! ~Gia 😀

  4. He appeared, also, in Ep 10

Relevant information

  • Season Premiere

    — 2009-10-02T15:00:00Z — 30 mins

Amu and her Guardian Characters are on their way to school when they see a girl taking water to a flower. Amu comments on how kind that is. The girl gets flustered, and trips and almost crushes the flower, to be saved by Amu. The two introduce themselves. The girl’s name is Rikka and she just transferred to Seiyo. Amu gets surprised when she’s able to see Ran, Miki, Su, and Diamond. On the way to school, Amu and co. try to explain everything to Rikka, who lost attention while seeing a butterfly. In the Royal Garden, Amu tells the Guardians about her meeting with Rikka. Then, commotion starts outside and the Guardians check it out. Rikka is trying to save a cat from a tree branch. The branch breaks, and Rikka clutches the cat in fear as she falls. Amu Character Changes with Ran and saves her, while Tadase and Nagihiko get the branch. The Guardians tell Rikka to tell them or a teacher from now on if something happens. Rikka asks what a Guardian is, and after they tell her, Rikka wants to become one herself. Amu comments that she may one day since she sees Guardian Characters. Suddenly, the Guardian Characters sense an X Egg in the art room. The rush to find it, and Amu tells Rikka to stay put, who does the exact opposite. In the art room, Amu transforms into Amulet Spade and Tadase to Platinum Royale. Rikka catches up, and talks to the X Egg, commenting that it’s sad because it can’t draw well. The others, including the Guardian Characters, that’s what becomes of an Egg. Rikka gets a little sad. At Rikka’s apartment, Rikka lies on her bed, and lots of X Eggs come out from various places in her room. Rikka tells them she’s going to try to be a Guardian.

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