Can you cheat on an eye exam to get glasses?

My friend (not me i already wear glasses) wants some glasses. and she wanted to know how to cheat an eye exam without the doctor knowing your bullshitting. in order for her to get glasses. so how can she do this good. and has anyone ever done it? thanks.

obviously she knows itll mess up her eyes and whatever. she just wants the answer on how to do it.

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  1. This is a great question 🙂

    First, you can’t really cheat on a eye exam. Everything the optometrist finds in the exam ties together, so if something doesn’t jive because you lied about what you could and couldn’t see, they’ll know something isn’t right. There are also tests that are completely objective, meaning they require no input from the patient. Those tests you can’t lie on 🙂

    If you friend MUST have glasses, but they can see fine right now without them, keep in mind almost everyone has SOME prescription. Even if it is very little, you can still use the prescription to get glasses.

    Also, tell your friend that you can get glasses with plano lenses (lenses with zero power). That way, they can wear their glasses and still be able to see, assuming they didn’t need any power.

    And give your optometrist some credit! There’s a reason we go through 8 years of school!! We learn about malingering, which is when people don’t give honest answers throughout the exam in order to get personal gain (such as glasses)!! We’re always one step ahead 🙂

  2. No, you can’t cheat , there are too many cross checks that you wouldn’t be able to always cheat the same way on and the Dr. would see right away you are just being stupid. What if there WAS a way to cheat and you ended up with glasses that had a prescription you couldn’t use because you wouldn’t be able to see out of them ….what good would that do ? You can get clear lens glasses made at any optical store, or even find them online cheap like at Claires. After wearing glasses a few days you will get over the fascination and probably put them in a drawer and forget about them anyway. It’s no big fun wearing glasses , especially when you don’t have to.

  3. Your friend really doesn’t want to do that…if the doctor prescribes her /him glasses based on a faked test, then your friend is risking damaging their eyes with the glasses!! Ever put on someone else’s glasses and gotten a bad headache from it? Its because your eyes are having to work much harder to adjust to the lenses.

    If your friend wants the look of glasses, just have her/him buy the glasses with clear lenses!

  4. The other answerers have the right idea, no need to fake not being able to see! You can easily get glasses with what they call plano lenses (no power). But, she may want to look on line for these, it may save her some money and there is a huge frame selection. On the web site when selecting lens perscription there is usually a selection for “0” or “plano”. You can also get these plano lenses tinted or photochromic if you want, and you don’t need any prescription for them.

  5. your friend wouldn’t be very smart to cheat on the eye exam when she could just walk into the store and ask to buy an nonprescriptioned pair of glasses

  6. They will put lenses with no prescription (called “plano”) into any frame for cosmetic reasons. Optical shops do it all the time. She doesn’t even need to waste the money on an eye exam. Just go into an optical shop and pick out the frame she likes and ask them to put plano lenses into them. Of course, they will charge for them just like prescription lenses.

  7. If your friend wants to wear glasses that bad, she does not have to cheat during an eye examination. She could go to any optician to make glasses with zero degree. That way she will not have to damage her eyesight and can see perfectly well.

  8. Tell your friend not to do it. Wearing prescription glasses when you don’t need them can screw up your eyes. She should be able to buy a pair of frames with normal glass in them.

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| Can you cheat on an eye exam?

Is it possible to cheat on an eye exam?

Can you cheat on an eye exam?

Yes, “cheating” on an eye exam is possible. People may do this by memorizing vision charts or skewing their answers during their exam. But this is not a recommended practice for several reasons: It can result in visual discomfort, an incorrect prescription, road dangers and even legal trouble.

Why would someone cheat on an eye exam?

Here are a few reasons a person might try to cheat on, or throw the results of, their eye exam:

To avoid getting glasses

Someone may try to cheat on an eye exam because they don’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses. Eye doctors typically prescribe corrective lenses to treat refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. 

Myopia is a common vision problem among children and adults that causes faraway objects to appear blurry. Hyperopia makes it hard to see close-up objects clearly. Most cases can be corrected with eyeglasses or contacts. 

But some people don’t like the way they look in glasses or how glasses feel on their face. They may also be nervous about wearing contacts. So, they are dishonest about their eyesight to avoid having to wear any corrective lenses at all.

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To “trick” or bypass certain legal requirements

Others may try to skew the results of an eye exam in order to bypass the vision requirements for a driver’s license. For example, if a person doesn’t want to wear glasses while they drive, they may lie about whether they need glasses to see clearly on the road. This can lead to dangerous driving and serious road hazards, though, and should be avoided.

Another serious circumstance of cheating on an eye exam? Someone doing so in an attempt to get low vision or disability benefits for the blind from the government. Not only is this dishonest, but it can also lead to serious legal trouble.

Why you shouldn’t cheat on an eye exam

Cheating on an eye exam won’t do you or your vision any favors. It can be potentially dangerous as well. In some cases, you could even face legal consequences for lying during an eye exam and/or being dishonest about your visual acuity or any eye or vision conditions you have. 

Here are some reasons why you should always be honest about your eyesight, especially during an eye exam:

Vision can be negatively affected by the incorrect prescription

Wearing the wrong prescription can cause you to suffer from eye strain, headaches, blurriness and more. This can be the case whether the prescription you receive is too weak or too strong. 

Cheating on an eye exam only does harm to you and your eyes. If you have myopia or another condition that requires corrective lenses, it’s important to be honest during your eye exam so that you can get the appropriate correction or treatment for your vision.

Eventually, you will need to get the correct prescription. Until you take care of the problematic glasses or contacts, you will likely continue to experience discomfort and strain in your vision.

Cheating on a driving vision exam can lead to danger on the road

If you need to wear corrective lenses to drive, you’ll have a special record of this noted on your driver’s license. Driving without prescription glasses or contacts, as it is indicated on your license, can be dangerous and even illegal depending on where you live.

Some people may think to cheat on a vision test given at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in order to get out of wearing glasses as they drive. But if you need vision correction on the road, being dishonest about it can be a risk for several reasons:

  • Driving without glasses or with the wrong prescription is very dangerous for you, other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, wildlife and other things on the road. Simply put, you need to be able to see everything clearly as you drive.

  • If your uncorrected myopia leads to an accident, you could face additional consequences — in both legal and ethical terms.

  • In addition to taking a huge safety risk, if you are pulled over and a police officer learns that you are driving without the required vision correction noted on your license, you can be ticketed. 

These are just a few examples of how important your vision is for road safety. Always drive responsibly and contact an eye doctor for an eye exam if you have any trouble seeing clearly on the road.

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Seeking fraudulent vision benefits can get you into legal trouble

Those who have severe visual impairments or legal blindness may qualify for financial benefits from some U.S. government programs. In order to receive these disability benefits, you must meet certain criteria, such as: 

  • You are unable to work due to your condition.

  • You’ll be disabled for at least one year, or your disability could lead to death.

  • You cannot adjust your working circumstances or switch to another type of work because of your disability.

If you meet these criteria, you can apply for special benefits.

But exaggerating a visual impairment in order to receive payments from the government can get you into a great deal of legal trouble. If a medical professional signed off on fraudulent paperwork for any benefits you received, they could also face major consequences. 

Proper vision correction is crucial

At the end of the day, proper vision correction is important for driving and other frequent tasks. Myopia and other vision problems can feel like an inconvenience, but leaving them uncorrected or living with the wrong prescription can do more harm than good. 

Not to mention: Trying to cheat on a vision test (or any medical exam) can lead to discomfort, danger and even legal trouble depending on the circumstances. 

Always be honest during your eye exams and don’t hesitate to tell your eye doctor if you find yourself having vision problems. 

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