Can you buy those little EDF Energy orange things?

I LOVE the cute little orange thing off the edf energy adverts, and someone told me you can buy them! does anyone know where from?


2 Answers

  1. Google keepon it is yellow, it was developed for children with autism, amazon sell them I’m getting one from USA.


  2. My paper said same, though one has to read the whole piece, in fact cross check this info, as if you look at the figures there doesn’t seem to be a lot different in costs. Having said that, i absolutely hate the fact that any companies are owned by foreign businesses, they can do what they like and we can’t do a damn thing about it. EDF is my supplier and i can honestly say they are appalling, but changing i fear won;t be any different. Margaret Thatcher believed in the free market, and it was supposed to open up the closed shops of the former nationalised businesses which were full of jobsworths and completely stuffed full of bureaucrats. It was to make it a better system for everyone, so you as the consumer could choose which supplier you wanted to give your money to. Sadly this has resulted in much being sold to foreign countries and they are the ones controlling the industries and can thumb their noses at any interference from our government seemingly.

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