Can u put Jovi clay in the oven?

can u put jovi air dry clay inside the oven to dry like the sculpy ones ?cause i dont really wanna wait 1 day for it to dry and im making a charm. Thanks in advnce

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  1. The company called Jovi actually makes various kinds of “clay.”

    If you have their Jovi Air Hardening clay, then you can put that air-dry clay into the oven at low temp (or in a warm place, or in front of a fan) to speed up its drying somewhat.

    But polymer clays (like the Sculpeys, etc.) don’t ever dry, they “cure” to harden, and they do that when heat is applied.

    If you have the Jovi Modeling Clay though (JOV7010), it’s a plasticine clay not an air-dry clay or a polymer clay, and will *never* harden (if you put that type of clay in enough heat, it’ll just melt).


    Diane B.

  2. Jovi Modelling Clay

  3. Kiln

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