Can the Xbox 360 play 3D Blu-Ray Movies?

I am thinking about getting a new 3D tv this weekend but I don’t have a 3D enabled blu-ray player and I really don’t want to spend the extra $200 right now so I was wondering if the Xbox 360 would work for now? The tv is 720p if that helps and I do have the HDMI cords for the Xbox. I want to get a 3D blu ray in the future or maybe a PS3 but I don’t have that much to spend right now.

I have the Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Elite will that work? I just got it a year ago.


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  1. the newest xbox 360 can, but the first version of it can’t

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    Can the Xbox 360 play 3D Blu-Ray Movies?

    I am thinking about getting a new 3D tv this weekend but I don’t have a 3D enabled blu-ray player and I really don’t want to spend the extra $200 right now so I was wondering if the Xbox 360 would work for now? The tv is 720p if that helps and I do have the HDMI cords for the Xbox. I want…

  3. No. Sorry, but the gentleman above me must be misinformed. The Xbox 360 currently can’t and has never been able to play Blu-ray. It’s only add on for over $100 more is a HD-DVD player, which is still less quality than Blu-ray.


    Your best bet would be a PS3. Comes with 3D Blu-ray capabilities and gets updated regularly via the internet, so it will be able to support all the new add on’s they do, not to mention its only a bit more than an average 3D Blu-ray player.


    Don’t forget to pick the best answer before you go! =D

  4. The Xbox 360 will NOT play 3D movies, nor (much to my suprise) neither will the new Xbox One. One of the main reasons I bought the new Xbox One and traded in my PS3 was so that I could have one system that did it all, and was shocked that the Xbox One, dubbed as an Entertainment System as opposed to a gaming system, will not play 3D movies. I am not only disappointed with the lack of this feature on the new Xbox One, but all-around disappointed with the system itself. If it weren’t for some games exclusives only available on the Xbox, I would return this, get my money back, and buy a PS4.

  5. NO the xbox 360 cant!


    but the ps3 have blue ray! 🙂


    i have a 720p samsung tv and a ps3 60gb and it works very good and it really does have nice graffic with hdmi on the 720p tv!

  6. there is no blue ray avalible for 360 however some games such as cod black ops are able to be rendered in 3d by changing a setting in the options menu

  7. No, only the PS3 is allowed to play these at this time as your console currently can not.


    For PS3 playback in 3D , you must have the latest firmware update on that system or you must purchase one with that update already applied to the unit.


    if you want a player in 3D running to that display, i recommend my own player the samsung BD 3D FM 59. It will adapt to either an active or passive display (depending on what your purchasing) and will do quite well in 3D.


    you don’t have both, you will be stuck viewing in 2D, unless your display has support for the remote activation of 3D movies (vudu 3D currently, don’t know of others). Vudu 3D requires a display which you are planning to purchase, a vudu account (which you can create for free, you will need to redeem the vouchers in the discs or buy on the service), 3d glasses, a very high connection speed of 4500 kbps or higher to process the 2 eyes required to create the 3D effect digitally on a digital streaming service.


    for the tv you will need a cable of HDMI 1.4 or higher capability (they say this very clearly on the back of the cases to Blu-Ray 3D films), and active or passive glasses. I would prefer passive as active will shoot your eyes out quicker if used for extended periods of time.


    the ps4 (the current one on the market) does not support that capability either, along with the X Box one.


    I would go with the samsung BD 3D FM 59 (I got mine for $188 as a gift) a tremendous deal and one you should consider. the unit is not $200 on one go (most if bought new will be) mine was refurbished to my knowledge hence the tag of $188.


    hook it up to your display and you’ll be ready to go and watch your 3D movies.


    The 3D TV’s are being phased out and replaced with Ultra 4k displays, these have 3D as a secondary feature as opposed to being front and center. Sony has a whole line of mastered in 4k discs (these only work if both the Blu-Ray 3D player and 3D TV are XVYCC enabled to use that video master, if not they will be in 2k resolution).


    I would recommend samsung, lg, or vizio for a 3D display (vudu 3D is limited to the other 2 as samsung has no support at this time for that, if purchasing a samsung this dictates on disc 3D support. everybody else who makes 3D tvs are out of the vudu 3D game as well). I would recommend my player the samsung BD 3D FM 59 which can be hooked up to an active or passive set, and you should pick any movie in 3D you choose.


    I hope this helps.


3 Steps to Play Blu-Ray Movies On Xbox 360

Step One: Load the Blu-ray into the Computer with echoshare Blu-ray Ripper

Naturally, this starts with simply putting the Blu-ray disc into the computer’s drive. If the drive is external, attach it to your computer before doing anything else. If you happen to have an internal Blu-ray drive (which is rare), no extra steps are necessary here.

Once you’re set up with the hardware, launch the echoshare Blu-ray Ripper, select the Ripper module on the menu. Then click on Load Blu-ray to select the disc you insert. The program will start to load Blu-ray automatically.

Step Two: Choose an Xbox 360 Profile (Output Format)

Once your disc has been loaded and the ripper software is ready to get to work, you’ll be given the opportunity to select a Profile from the drop-down list with over 300 preset output formats besides the “Rip All to“.

Just click the drop-down menu > choose Device>scroll down and choose Games, then you can select the best format to rip Blu-ray to Xbox 360.

Step Three: Rip the Blu-ray Movie and Copy It to the USB This part is one of the easiest, yet one of the most time-consuming.

All you need to do once you’ve got everything else set up is click “Convert” And wait for the software to successfully rip the Blu-ray. Once the process is complete, though, just copy it over onto the USB. After that, you just rip it to the Xbox 360, and you’re all set!

At Last, Play Your Blu-ray Movie on Your Xbox 360!

Congrats, you’re done! Just attach your USB drive to your Xbox 360 console, use the controller to go to “Select Source – Portable Device,” and find your file! Chances are, it didn’t take you long to get everything set up (aside from the time it took to wait for the format of the USB and the movie file itself to convert as necessary), so enjoy the fruits of your labor!

So, does an Xbox 360 play Blu-ray movies? Not automatically, but it is completely capable of doing so with a little extra work.

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