Can I use my birth certificate to get into a club/bar?

I’m of age but the only form of ID I have is a Birth certificate and Health Card (which gets me in sometimes but not all)

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  1. I would not take such an important document into a bar…as stated by at least one other person. In the US (maybe similar in Canada) you can get a photo ID from the driver license place.

  2. Every state has different laws but most go by these guidelines:

    Has to be a sealed (not torn, cut, broken, hole punched, etc) government/state issued ID

    Must have a picture

    Must have a age

    Must have a name

    Cannot be expired

    Now each state or club/bar can add extra guidelines if they choose so:

    Cannot be a Vertical ID

    No out of state or passports accepted

    If not torn/broken but too much wear as to the picture is not clear or info cannot be read (not taken)

    Some have card swipers/readers, no swipe means no drink

    At my bar in New Mexico in your case the answer would be no. I have seen birth certificates used to back up a expired ID but that is up to the establishment and they may ask for more than one form of ID.

  3. you need a photo ID with your birthdate on it.

    A birth certificate could be anyones they have no way of knowing if that is yours or someone elses. Most places require a state issued ID. If you’re of age, get one!

  4. Nope, it sure won’t. But you can get an ID from just about any Department of Motor Vehicles, in about 5 min, with your birth certificate.

  5. Only if your health card has a picture. Still might be hard. They could be fake- what the club/bar might think. I guess it would depend on the establishment you go too.

  6. I’m not sure…but you shouldn’t have to since you’re a girl, and we get in without having to show ID or pay 🙂

  7. no never heard of that just get an i.d they are like 15$

  8. no, and bringing such important paperwork into such an area is reckless.

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