Can i safely delete this exe file?

Hi, i have genuine windows 7 ultimate x64 (bought from a ‘Microsoft Store”) but ince yesterday i hav warnings coming up that my windows isnt genuine, but it is!? I found the process name (WatUX.exe) and i thought that since i have genuine windows maybe i could delete it and have no more genuine issues. If delete it will it be restored? Should i delete it? The file is called WatUX.exe and i located at ComputerC:WindowsSystem32Wat

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  1. WatUX.exe is:

    Windows Activation Technologies User eXperience (UX)

    Correctly located in


    Have you updated your Windows Updates?

    Or you can call



    Microsoft Corp.

    Or Here


  2. No If it is in the system 32 is bad to delete it. It is for Windows Activation and you would end up reactivate your windows.

  3. Its part of your windows activation files. Dont delete.

    Run a registry scan and repair all errors and reboot.

    If you are running bootleg windows, turn off windows update. Thats where windows detects non-genuine versions,

  4. Yes if those .exe files are really viruses then i see no harm in doing that.

  5. Watux.exe

  6. no it is a System32 file. all files in that folder make your computer run.

  7. Since you have the CD, try using the repair option. Also make sure you have all the updates from windowsupdate.

  8. It’s better keep it or you can google the question

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