can i get a tan tattoo using permanent marker?

if i cant use permanent marker what else can i use besides a sticker?

if stickers are the only thing i can use do i have to have a special kind of sticker because if im swimming with a sticker wont it come off?

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4 Answers

  1. well i use a pen or a sharpie to draw a hard on my wrist and redo it at the begining of the day and it obviously doesnt look real but it still looks really cute

    and i can wash it off any time

    but be careful cuz if you keep putting ink on your skin in the same place you can get ink poisining

  2. Permanent Tan Tattoo

  3. You could use tape / duct tape or really any opaque material that will stick to you, not fall off in the water, and is easily removable. Permanent marker will NOT work.

  4. No –

    i had a friend that tried it and it didnt work very well.

    I think it would have to be a rather large tat so you could do bold, thick lines and keep going over it for a week or two weeks…

    then maybe it would work.

    Good luck!

Is It Safe to Use Permanent Marker on Skin?

Tattoo makers would say it is safe using permanent marker as an ink to your tattoo. But what about the content and the side effect? Did you know the facts behind it? Lets find out more.

Do you plan to get a new tattoo on your skin. But you did not want an ink on your skin. So, How? You can use Sharpie pens or Permanent marker that usually used by Tattoo arts person. They use sharpie to create a look without hurting anyone. But, how could it be safe for your skin? Here we are to describe to you. Hope you like this article.

1. Chemical contents

Sharpie pens claims that they are safe for using on hand. And also, ACMI says that Sharpie pens is non-toxic, so its safe. Did this statement satisfied you? We could know more about the contents on it. Then, how about the permanent results? Is it do not come from chemical contents? Well, Sharpie pens can contain;

  • N-propanol
  • N-butanol
  • Diacetone Alcohol
  • Cresol
  • Xylene

Those contents all above could be harmful for your body and your health. So, be careful while using it.

2. Side Effect

Xylene as an ingredients in Sharpie pens would make you have a chemical capable of causing nervous system and organ damage. Another side effect of Sharpie pens is the ink. Sometimes people still called This permanent marker as an ink poisoning while ACMI was says is Non-toxic pens. Ink poisoning means this permanent marker is very-very permanent. This would make you difficult to erase it. But this Ink only paint in your surface skin, so it is not so dangerous though.

Using permanent marker is better than have an ink tattoo that could danger your health. Ink tattoo is carved into your body, not only on the surface of your skin. Permanent marker can be erased by baby oil, wipes with nail polish remover and so on. Permanent marker did not make your pigments skin change. But, ink tattoo will make your pigments change. SO dangerous!

3. Alternatives getaway

You can have an alternatives if you are still want tattoo on your body. You could choice both permanent marker and Ink tattoo. This is the alternative way using Permanent marker.

  • Using Henna

Henna is sacred tattoo in many cultures, but it is safe if you want to get your tattoo . Henna is made from Henna leaves, and the ink from henna is so beautiful. Henna color is great. It is a bit brown and a bit red on it. You should try this. Henna also use for hair-coloring.

  • Foil Tattoos

Nowadays there are foil tattoos that you could get in everywhere. It is temporary and also it is do not hurt you anymore. You could apply Foil tattoos , and rest it for a minute, than wash it off. You could have your own tattoo!

  • White Henna

White henna could use too for you. This white color is just another trends for tattoo right now! You could get your own White Henna as easy as you could. Apply them on your skin, let it rest for a few hours, then wash it off. The color would not damage your pigment skin.

  • Airbrush Tattoo

Another cool way to get your tattoo! This is the effortlessly way to get your own tattoo. You could get in only a few minutes, and its temporary and also don’t damage your pigment skin. Tattoo Person will put a paper that had carved, then they spray it with ink. and Foila! you just get your new tattoo.

  • Inkbox tattoo

They could make you once a tattoo in a simple way. They just prepare the design then put it to your skin where you belong wants it to put. Then they will have a transfer paper, and it could done in a minute. Too easy to get a new tattoo , right?

  • Adhesive tattoo

We all remember the classic adhesive tattoos which we used to apply on ourselves as kids using water. Well, these don’t have to be limited to kiddie designs!

We have done describe to you about permanent marker used for skin, is it safe or not? You have read it. So you know what is the conclusion above all of this. Hope this article may help you to find out the latest information on internet.

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