Can i get a motorcycle insurance without having a license?

Or how else am i going to take the bike for the skills test

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  1. yes.I own two motorcycles,and I only have a learners permit.I bought the first one without a lcense and the insirance co.(geico) never asked for a license number.good luck and good riding. paul

  2. Motorcycle Insurance With No License

  3. definite. the reason being, you will be able to own a motorbike which you may permit a chum/relative function on public roads, and therefor prefer coverage. evaluate costs; i got here across the main inexpensive criminal duty coverage on the motorbike broking (Dairyland coverage from a Honda broking) as antagonistic to putting the cycle on my vehicle coverage. in the event that they supply you a hardship, purely have your dad or brother purchase the coverage. considering you’re sixteen, why not get your license? Be very careful. The existence expectancy of a crotch rocket in Europe is approximately one month (before it is totaled and the rider the two mangled or killed). I own 2 motorcycles, have owned almost 50 and became as quickly as a expert try rider for Honda. motorcycles are way cool, yet you need to admire them and save your individual mortality vanguard on your innovations whilst using.

  4. Yes, there is no need to have a license in order to purchase or insure a vehicle of any type. You only need to have the appropritate license (or permit) to DRIVE the vehicle.

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    RE :Can i get a motorcycle insurance without having a license?

    Or how else am i going to take the bike for the skills test

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  6. No. You must take a motorcycle training class, and take a driving test on the classes’ motorcycle. You do not use your own. Your license must show the motorcycle endorsement, to be allowed to insure it.

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    RE Can i get a motorcycle insurance without having a license?

    Or how else am i going to take the bike for the skills test

  9. Uh, if you don’t mind my asking: What possessed you to buy the bike before going for the license? I would say your best bet is to borrow or rent a bike from somewhere that will enable you to take the test, THEN register and insure your own scoot!

  10. yes you can

Relevant information

Short answer: Yes. 

Although it may surprise  some, it is possible to secure motorcycle insurance without a license in the United States. In all areas of the country, though, it is required  to have a motorcycle endorsement – Class M – on a valid driver’s license to  ride a bike on public streets.

Riders  operating  a motorcycle without a Class M endorsement are referred to as “riding dirty” by those in the motorcycling industry. Without an endorsement, all riders need to know that there are many influencing  the rates they will be quoted for coverage.

FACT: According to data from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, in 2018, unlicensed riders accounted for 46% of rider fatalities in that state — and more than half of those crashes didn’t even involve a collision with another vehicle. It’s due to statistics of this nature that influence how  insurance companies establish their rates for motorcyclists.

In 2019, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) surveyed motorcyclists in Texas to investigate why they chose  not to get their Class M. To quote a post published on on January 3rd, 2020.

The survey was part of a larger project funded by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The project’s primary purpose was to promote rider knowledge, skill, and safety by encouraging riders to complete motorcycle safety training.

Now, It’s important to keep in mind several things, for example, the fact that most insurance policies require a license in exchange for better fees and that certain states demand a license in all cases.

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  1. The rates decrease the longer you’ve had your motorcycle license. For instance, the insurer will see that you are an experienced rider who is less likely to be involved in an accident if you have a class M license. Learn how to get the best and cheapest insurance. 
  2. Before approving your application, most insurance companies will want you to provide a copy of your current motorbike license or learner permit.
  3. You can designate a primary driver who is not you, and the insurance provider will base rate decisions on that driver’s driving history.
  4. When purchasing your insurance, you may want to exclude yourself from the policy; this way, you won’t be considered a risk for driving without a license. 
  5. If you already have insurance through a provider, your chances of getting coverage without a license increase if you have a solid record and credit score

Who Needs Motorcycle Insurance Without License?

A license is the safest and most legal way to ride a motorcycle. However, there is a myriad of situations that will allow a rider to secure motorcycle insurance without a license, including the following:

Being a Motorcycle Collector or Owning a Vintage or Garaged Motorcycle That isn’t Ridden

Interestingly enough, there are many motorcycle owners that don’t ride their bikes due to them being vintage or simply kept in a garage.

With the vintage bikes, unless the rider plans on embarking on a Motorcycle Cannonball with a 100+-year-old bike to ride cross-country, most are “works in progress” of being restored. It’s still important to have coverage due to possible theft, vandalism, fire, etc. This type of situation recently received news coverage when an unknown person broke into the home garage of the legendary musician Billy Joel and vandalized many of his motorcycles.

With a bike being garaged, it happens more often than people realize due to riders dealing with a medical ailment that is keeping them off the road for a while or mature riders that go out and buy a bike to simply have in their possession to smile at and polish the chrome as it reminds them of their younger days.

Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Enjoy your ride while feeling safe with the best insurance coverage.

Purchase a Motorcycle for Another Rider

Surprisingly, having a person buy a motorcycle in their name for someone else to ride is not that unusual. Every situation is unique, but frequently, when this happens, it is due to a woman purchasing a bike for her boyfriend or husband due to her credit score being much better than his.  One can only hope that his driving record is better than his credit score – and he has a Class M license – before he saddles up on that new ride because it will matter when securing good quotes on that motorcycle insurance.

Suspended License

Most states will require proof of basic liability insurance coverage before reinstating a license, provided all other requirements are met that caused the license to lapse or be revoked in the first place.

Speak to an insurance agent about securing an SR-22 form, a document from your state proving you have the minimum coverage. This form is also referred to as an SR-22 bond or Certificate of Financial Responsibility. An SR-22 is not “coverage,” but it will help a rider secure their bike insurance secure insurance for their bike.

Purchasing a Motorcycle Before Getting a License

Many riders can relate to seeing that perfect motorcycle in a showroom, and it speaks to their soul. Before they realize it, they’ve signed off on the financing paperwork and are arranging for the dealership to trailer their chrome steed to its new home — your garage!

If the bike has been financed, it must have full coverage. If it’s been purchased outright, it will need to have whatever the basic legal requirements are for your state for coverage.  Almost all of the major insurance companies that offer motorcycle insurance coverage will allow you to secure a quote and purchase a policy online, even if you do not have a motorcycle endorsement on your license.

NOTE: All insurance policies will take effect at 12:01 a.m. for the day after the policy has been purchased unless requested to take effect for a later date.

Owning an International Driving License

You can drive in the US without a license if you have an international driving permit. However, you  still must get insurance.

If you need to speak to a representative directly to find out if a company offers coverage without a license, click here and find the right offer for you!

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