can emergen-c be taken without water?

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  1. Sure. It’s just going to be difficult to take it in powder form! Ever try eating hot cocoa mix as a kid? It will clump up and dry out your mouth and be generally tough to swallow, plus it will probably start foaming once it hits your saliva.

    Actually, could you do this, and film it for YouTube? Send me the link when you’re done, because it would probably be hilarious to watch.

  2. Actually, I’ve managed to take Emergen C without water frequently. I just pour it in my mouth a little at a time. Try not to inhale, otherwise it irritates your throat.

    You should start with very small amounts to see how well you can swallow it. If you put too much in, it’ll stink like a bandersnatch.

    My only concern is if taking Emergen C without water reduces the absorbtion. I don’t use water because I don’t want citric beverages on the inside of my thermos. Not only is it hard to clean out, but it can errode the inside.

  3. Emergen C Powder

  4. Probably, but it would taste horrible.

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