Can anyone tell me what kind of hat this green one Jase Robertson wears is or where to buy one?

I have been searching for this hat forever with no luck. I can’t even figure out what kind it is. It looks like a rancher cap or a bomber hat. Here are to links to pictures of it but they are small though. Thanks for the help!………

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  1. I think what you are thinking of is an old time helmet liner guys would wear in the US Army. Check out the link, and I believe Jase simply wears it with the bill tucked up. It is a sweet hat. i wear something similar, but without the bill. Mine is made for wearing under a hard hat on cold days.…

  2. Jase Robertson Hat


    It’s an army surplus cold weather helmet liner with the bill turned up and the chin flaps flipped up on the back of his head.

  4. Why don’t you call or send an email to the Duck Commander website and ask them? Maybe they sell them.

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