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QUESTION 31 Which of the following entities are subject to limited liability? O a. general partnerships O b.sole proprietorships Oc corporations O partnerships QUESTION 32 Because of our limited money, time, and effort, we are best off when we allocate those things: Cha. by choosing what society as a whole would want. constantly assessing the opportunity costs of our choices. OC. with the goal of minimizing total costs. 
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Opportunity cost is termed as alternative cost. It is the lost gain which can be acquired from the other alternative.

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Opportunity cost = Return on best forgone option- Return on chosen option

It is the best benefit which is forgone to opt another option.  It is not calculated under the financial calculation. But, every individual should calculate this before taking a decision.

When an individual uses a factor of production, the cost of using that factor is forgone benefit of using another factor which is given up.

Hence, the first option is correct.

The second option is incorrect because the technological application does not directly affect the opportunity cost.

The third option is not correct as opportunity cost doesn’t imply any advantage in any section.

The fourth option is incorrect because the term ‘cost’ does not represent money cost all the time.

Answer to question 2

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An opportunity cost shows the possible gains that a person, buyer, or organization lacks by preferring a choice over others.

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The first option is correct.

The first option is correct because it is the cost of making a decision is the loss of the upcoming better option. The cost of opportunity is where the advantage of the right option is compromised in determining a judgment. It is the cost of the factor which is given up, so the option is correct.

The second option is not correct because the cost is not based on the technical application.

The third option is not correct because it is not the cost involved in the investment.

The fourth option is not correct because it is not the cost of profitable opportunities.

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The definition of opportunity cost is that the economic cost of using an output factor is the alternate usage of the rejected factor.

Answer to question 3

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Investing can be a decent in stock market. The greater part of the Americans they save their abundance for the drawn out objectives after the retirement through investing their cash in stock market. However, this sort of investing cash need to sort out the most effective way to contribute. Clarification There are five stage process that can be sort out to put the cash in a correct manner.

Step 2

1. Distinguish goals from feelings of money versus risk.

2. DIY approach. It is otherwise called oversee it for me approach.

3. Recognize the venture record to utilize. It ought to incorporate available record, instructive record, stock record, etc.

4. Then, at that point, at long last open a record of investing your cash.

5. Then, at that point, upsets implies the gamble resistance.

Other ways to invest the amount-

1. Goal of a cash In this assembling framework there will be work stations which are organized so that it can stream at one time with one stage in each interaction. Here there will be personal time as invalid between steps. There are two sorts of goals,   1. Long-term goal    2. Short-term goal  

2. Venture account The market is the procedure to set up a levels for the current commercial center. The term ace market alludes to the coordinating the compensation rates with the contenders. By doing this the association guarantees and stays cutthroat. This cycle works on the capacity to draw in the ability and to hold it in a high level. This ought to includes, 1. Taxable account       2. 401(k)      

3. Invest in Individual Retirement Account (IRA).    

 4. Conclusion of saving account is the development of the cash can rely on how are you put the cash in a stock or in different organizations. One who will bring in cash with the assistance of cash ought to generally mindful of the speculation strategies and conventions that they keep up with in the stock market.

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Answer 31:

Since a corporation is seen as a separate legal entity from its investors, companies have limited liability. The corporation is in charge of its obligations. Investors are solely liable for liabilities up to the value of their ownership stakes.  Limited liability allows a company to accumulate significant amounts of productive resources that may be employed for large-scale manufacturing.

The correct option is c. corporations.

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