Are the cash registers at Hollister Co. easy to use?

I’m about to start my job at hollister co. and i have never used a cash register before so im kind of worried.

Give me details!

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  1. don’t worry. they have super long lines so the cash registers are really easy and fast. and of course they will give you a small tutorial about everything. i honestly can’t give precise details about the cash register, like where all the buttons and keys are, but i have a fairly good idea about how they work. Here are two kinds of cash registers; touch screen and electronic:……

    yep, so i hope you enjoy working at hollister! oh, and if you are SERIOUSLY worried about the whole cash register thing, i bet you can just look up how to work one. Here is a website:….

    i don’t know what kind of cash register that is but i bet it will say. i didn’t read the whole thing although it looked helpful.

    enjoy ur first day at Hollister!

    good luck!



  2. All cash registers are. It’s not rocket science. Don’t worry and expect to make some mistakes.

    But, I implore you, learn how to count change so you could do it even without the cash register. Nothing worse than when the clerk accidentally enters in the wrong amount as to how much I gave him/her and they are totally lost because now they have to figure the change in their head and they can’t! How sad!! Just count UP and you’ll do just fine!

  3. i just started working at Hollister about 2 months ago & i used to just fold clothes & do the fitting rooms but just last week they started teaching me how to use the register, its so easy. you’ll do fine!

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  6. don’t worry! Your manager will train you. I worked at Starbucks and was in your position but you learn and you’ll soon find it really easy. If you have problems don’t be afraid to ask for help. YOur coworkers will be glad to help you.

  7. I feel soo happy about you.. u get 2 work at hollister co.

    the uniform ther is hollister shirts omfg im sooo jealous.

    u get hollister 2 wear t-t

  8. They are easy for me. It takes time but you will learn it

  9. Yes, they are all touch screen and super simple.

  10. yea

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