Are colleges open on weekends?

Im a senior in high school and im attending a community college then transferring to a local university. I usually don’t have time on week days to visit schools. I really want to pick up a few things from the university i might go to in a couple years. I want to go tomorrow, which is a Sunday, but i don’t know if the admissions office would be open. I mean i doubt it, but i want to know for sure. Thank you.

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  1. College buildings are usually unlocked, and there are usually library hours and sometimes even classes on weekends.

    But, sorry, all administrative offices and services will be closed.

  2. Unfortunately, most college admit offices are not open on the Weekend. Sometimes, when it is getting close for a semester to start, some colleges set up special tours etc. on the weekends, but you usually have to make an appointment for those.

  3. Admissions and registration offices are not open on the weekends. they are open during normal business hours which mean M-F 8am to 5pm. or somewhere close to that.

    You should be able to get the same information online that would be in any brochure you might pick up at the campus.

  4. No chance the office is open, but you could see the school. Just visit the schools website and search for reg office and this will tell you.

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<p>do admissions staff work on the weekends or just monday to friday?</p>

<p>The offices are usually closed, but you can bet that admissions staff are busy, reading applications and maybe discussing them, too.</p>

<p>It really depends on the school. The 3 previous institutions that I use to work for as an admission counselor always were open until noon on Saturday, and all were fine meeting with families who did not have appointments. Primarily on Saturdays we did group sessions.</p>

<p>Give the school a call. Hope that helps.</p>

<p>Dr. C. Porter
Educational Consultant</p>


March 10, 2007, 10:05am


<p>At UVA, we take turns giving the Saturday information sessions in the fall. The office is not open, though visitors try to pry the door open to our dark office all the time (I’ve seen it more than once…and there’s even a sign that says the office is closed!).</p>

<p>This time of year, we work insanely long hours (reading until 1 AM is not unusual) and we often work at home on the weekends.</p>

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