anyone know where I can buy Benson’s Blackcurrant and Liquorice Toffees, local shop can’t get hold of them.

I hope someone can help. I wondered if Benson’s had stopped making them I cannot find their web page. The local shop cannot get them anymore.

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    maybe thats what you want?

    i’m sure theres a shop in covent garden also that specialises in sweets..

  2. Blackcurrant And Liquorice Sweets

  3. Blackcurrant And Liquorice

  4. MMmm Banana Toffee

  5. Benson’s shut down years ago, the factory was about a mile away from here. Unless someone else took the name over, it must have been very old stock you’ve been having! I mean like, 20 years old….

  6. Bensons toffe works was in Bury, Lancs, but it closed a few years ago, don’t know if they had other factories or if the business was taken over, either way, if you find them, they may not be ‘Bensons’

  7. if this is the same as the chewy sweets then go to:

    [email protected]

    or go to ebay on “the pink sweet shop” where they do blackcurrant and liquorice chewy sweets.



    Thorntons Special toffee followed by their banana, treacle, Brazil, fruit & nut, strawberry, mint toffee. I love it, but after losing a £350 gold inlay twice over after eating toffee, I have to give it a miss. @bigbossmamma You must be a local girl then?

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