Anyone feel nice and want to help?

with my homework? o_O

Match the ABC to the #s

A. Junior or community college

B. university

C. four year college

D. vocational school

E. liberal arts


1. usually only offers training in particular trades

2. usually offers both vocational and transfer programs

3. offers graduate work in addition to the first four years of college

4. general term for subjects such as English, social studies, science, and math

5. also calle a liberal arts college


Answer True or False

1. A postsecondary institution offers training after high school.

2. a junior or community college is an example of a postsecondary institution

3. all postsecondary educational institutions have the same entrance requirements.

4. on-the-job training programs usually require more time to complete than apprenticeship training programs.

PLZ, and thank you. =)

Usually I wouldnt ask for help, but Im homeschooled and have to finish my work before I can move out and Im behind, and moving soon.

5 Answers

  1. Matching: 1) D

    2) A

    3) B

    4) E

    5) C

    True , False : 1) T

    2) T

    3) F

    4) F

    Now go to bed . You even get a star … I’m in a good mood .

  2. 1

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