An Acrostic Poem for the word: Sport?

DONT: Make it stupid like 808’s poem?!

Make it sound like it’s coming from a year 8! (first year of high school)

6 Answers

  1. SPORT

    Speedy sprinting

    people become a blur

    of colors and sweat


    to the ball.

  2. Sports Acrostic Poem

  3. Sun

    Pounds down

    Onto the



    it kinda sucks…but oh well.


    striving with great skill playing to succeed oppose with strong will react with such speed trying to be brill showing how to lead

  5. put your soul with the horses

    oh to suffer rich mans courses

    look to their vanity and hoo-ray veins

    oh such profanity to animals pains

    so you play footie do you?

    puffing and blowing round a pitch

    over 90 minutes of endeavour and pain

    recording goals no player can match

    to never play ever again

  6. that new jock smell,

    that locker room sent,

    it rises and i can’t ignore,

    it’s the smell i love,

    it’s the smell i wear,

    this sport is surely one,

    one of the best,

    one of the greatest,

    please hand me the jersey there,

    for i’m going to play,

    and i’m going to win,

    for this sport is here to stay.

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