am i the only that doesnt like dean ice cream doesnt have a seal underneath the top?

i have like a pet peve when I buy some dean ice cream and got it home to find the ice cream didn’t have a seal on it just a top I got upset how do I know if anyone opened it and did anything to it ya know? .. is this is the way deans ice cream usually are made with no seal under neathe the top?

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  1. I don’t know specifically about that brand, but I do know that most ice creams do not have a seal under the lid. Generally, however, you can tell if it’s been opened just by how the lid feels when it opens. You can see whether or not it looks normal and if the ice cream “print” on the lid matches how it looks in the container. It comes off differently once someone has scooped from it (or even just opened it at all.)

    Hope that helps you! I’ve honestly never seen an ice cream tub with a seal.

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