Alaska is to November as Hawaii is to ?

This was a question on a management test. Anyone have a clue as to what the answer is? “Alaska is to November as Hawaii is to _________.”

3 Answers

  1. Perhaps January or February

    Alaska has 3 vowels,and so does November.

    Hawaii has 4 vowels, as do January and February (where Y is considered a vowel)

  2. As Hawaii is to May? If you’re in the northern hemisphere.

    When I think of Alaska I think snow, ice, cold. November is almost winter ( I’m in Australia and November is almost summer)

    When I think of Hawaii I think of sun, surf, sand,Summer. So maybe Hawaii should be May, almost summer if November is almost winter.

  3. July; a summer month, I lean away from August because it’s the hottest sultry month, it has the dog days of summer in it, and July’s not quite as hot. November is chilly, but not the coldest month of winter.

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