Adult Store Age Restrictions?

How old do you have to be to enter an Adult Sextoy store in the united states? If i am with someone 21 years of age, and i am only 17, would i be allowed in too? I know for liquore stores that if you are with someone of legal age, then you’re allowed in as well. Is it the same way with Adult Sextoy Stores, or do I have to be of legal age myself?

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  1. You need to be 18 yourself. The difference between this type of store and the liquor store is that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to view pornographic material; it is not illegal to view the alcohol, only to consume it. Since by walking into the liquor store you aren’t consuming any alcohol, it is perfectly legal. By entering the adult video store, you are already in violation of the law because you are viewing pornographic material.

    EDIT — To clarify, Federal Law says that you must be 18 to view the material, State laws may vary from state to state, 18-21.

  2. There is no such thing as a store discriminating against anyone on any basis. It doesn’t have to allow people of any protected class in at any time including the handicapped, though if it is a large enough store it is required to be handicap accessible due to the americans with disabilities act. It can put a sign up that says “No…” whatever it wants and it is allowed to enforce it. It is allowed to not have a sign up and kick out anyone it wants. It is private property, and it is not legally required to do business with anyone it doesn’t want to. That said, underage, you are not protected from age discrimination from anyone, it is not a protected class. Older groups are.

  3. you have to be legal age limits some of them will let you in at 18 others are a little more strict and won;t let you in until you are 21 but you will not be able to go in at 17

  4. Walk right in. Smile. Stay away from guys in trench coats.

    Seriously, there should be no problem.

  5. I don’t think it works the same way.

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