A Steel Cylinder Has A 4-Inch Diameter Base And A Height Of 6 Inches

Question 1

A steel cylinder has a 4-inch diameter base and a height of 6 inches. A

hole in the form of a right circular cone with its base coincident with the

base of the cylinder and axis coincident with the axis of the cylinder is

filled with lead. The diameter of the base of the cone is 2 inches and its

height is 1 inch. If the steel weighs 490 lb/ft3 and the lead weighs 710

lb/ft3 , find the total weight of the composite solid, in lbs.

Question 2

What is the most likely main order winner at Wal-Mart: cost, availability, customer experience, or quality? Consumer behavior: Consumer behavior is the organization’s analysis of several numbers of customers and buyers to record their perspectives and behavior towards the company product. Consumer behavior is how a person’s feelings, attitudes, and preferences influence the buyer’s purchasing decisions.
Question 3

Personalization involves targeting marketing messages to specific individuals by adjusting the message based upon a consumer’s preferences or past purchasing behavior. True or false? Purchasing Behavior: Every customer goes through a series of processes before making a purchase. These processes and actions of customers before they make a final purchase decision is what is meant by purchasing behavior.
Question 4

What role does consumer behavior play in issues related to the environment? Consumer Behavior: Consumer behavior refers to the practices consumers engage in when purchasing or using particular products and services. It examines what factors influence people’s buying decisions, how they use and dispose of products, and how they respond to marketing messages.
Answer to question 1

Answer 1:

Given that a cone of lead is in the cylinder of steel.

To find the mass first we have to find the volume of the two materials.

For the cylinder, we have to remove the volume of the cone so that we get the volume of steel.

And then find the volume of the cone.

Answer to question 2

Answer and Explanation: Commerce company that uses an amazing concept to combat other conglomerates. Walmart serves over 11,700 stores and 270 million people. Its key business plan is to “provide an outstanding experience with the slogan of EDLP (Every Day Low Prices)” while also “being comparable in terms of range, differentiating with the manner users access, winning in terms of pricing, and leading in terms of market share.” So, the explanation stated above supports the fact that the cost of Walmart products is very low, which most likely reflects why people are ordering things from Walmart frequently.
Answer to question 3

Answer and Explanation: TRUE. Personalization or customization of marketing messages is the idea of sending tailored messages to customers according to their preferences and purchase patterns. It is more effective than generalized messages, which send the same messages to a large number of target customers. The marketers can create a persona for each customer and send messages that pique their attention and caters to their taste.
Answer to question 4

Answer and Explanation: Consumer behavior plays a significant role in issues related to the environment. For example, if consumers purchase products that are harmful to the environment, this can contribute to environmental problems. Conversely, if consumers purchase environmentally friendly products, this can help to reduce environmental issues. For instance, if consumers are interested in purchasing environmentally friendly products, companies will be more likely to produce these goods. Additionally, if consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products, this provides an incentive for companies to produce more of these items. Furthermore, consumer behavior can influence public opinion on environmental issues, ultimately leading to government policy changes. In addition, consumer behavior can influence environmental issues in other ways. For example, if consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products, companies can be incentivized to produce more of them; if consumers are eager to reduce their consumption to save the environment, this can also help reduce environmental problems.

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