A Gaseous Fuel Mixture Has A Molal Analysis

Question 1

A gaseous fuel mixture has a molal analysis: H2 = 14%; O2 = 0.6%; CH4 = 3%; CO2 = 4.5%; CO = 27%; and N2 = 50.9%. Determine the theoretical air-fuel ratio for complete combustion in molal-air/molal-fuel

Question 2

Which of the following statements about a paragraph’s concluding sentence is true? Explain.

a) It gives supporting details for the topic sentence.
b) It summarizes the paragraph’s main point.
c) It gives information that opposes the topic sentence.
d) It summarizes the essay’s main point.

A paragraph is a distinct section of writing used in both fiction and non-fiction. Each paragraph introduces or explains a different idea or point in some detail.

Question 3

Where are thesis statements located in essays? Constructing a Thesis Statement: Learning how to properly construct an essay is one of the foundations of academic and professional writing. Central to any essay is the inclusion of a thesis statement.
Question 4

Why is the Roman alphabet important? The Roman Alphabet: The Roman alphabet is a writing system that was invented in Central Italy. It was based on the ancient Greek alphabet and bears many similarities to its predecessor.
Answer to question 1

Answer to question 2

Answer and Explanation: The correct answer is b) It summarizes the paragraph’s main point. A paragraph consists of three parts: Topic Sentence In almost all cases, the topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph. The main idea of each paragraph is stated in the topic sentence, which also shows how the idea relates to the topic or focus of the document. Supporting Details This is followed by a sentence or sentences with supporting details that elaborate upon or prove the topic sentence. Concluding Sentence The concluding statement ties together the ideas brought up in the paragraph, emphasizes the main idea and provides a summary.
Answer to question 3

Answer and Explanation: Thesis statements are usually found in the first few introductory paragraphs of an essay. The reason for this is to provide the intended audience with the topic and purpose of the paper. It also helps establish the framework for the body paragraphs and allows the reader a smoother transition, while keeping in mind the central premise. Though the inclusion of the thesis statement at the beginning of the essay is somewhat formulaic, it is a necessary component of constructed a well structured essay.
Answer to question 4

Answer and Explanation: The Roman alphabet is important because it is used to written many of the world’s major languages, including English and Spanish. In other words, it is the world’s most widespread writing system. The Roman alphabet was originally used to write Latin.

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