A friend asked me to fill in the blank to I _ _ _ _ you?

This guy likes me, and I have a boyfriend. He knows that and anyways if I didn’t have a boyfriend I only see him as a friend. So..the only words I could think of is love, like, and hate. I don’t love or like him and I don’t hate him either so what do I say that is 4 letters?

8 Answers

  1. Well, there’s always i know you, i hear you, and i don’t want to answer this question. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Interesting question because both Love and Hate have the same number of letters.

  3. It u could say:

    I know you

    But I think it is love or hate

  4. Miss



  5. Love, Lust, hate, need, want, like. Can’t think of anymore atm.

  6. That’s really awkward of him. Ask him what in the heck he’s talking about. If he’s trying to tell you he likes you it’s really weird??

  7. miss

  8. am friends with

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