A cube of cheese diet?! what do you think?

I got the idea from “the devil wears prada.”

Just wondering if it works. Iv been wanting to loose weight for a while and i don’t know any solution

the diet is when ever I feel dizzy I just eat a cube of cheese and water whenever I want that’s it?

*please no rude answers and I’m serious*

8 Answers

  1. You should not be starving yourself to the point of feeling dizzy. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy then you need to be supplying your body with enough energy to keep going. You should never really drop lower than 1500 calories a day – because your body will go into starvation mode and it will actually make it harder for you to lose weight. Don’t try to lose more than 1 or 2 lbs a week. 🙂

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  4. how about, eat healthy and exercise. no need for starvation like other people have said fruit and veges you cant go wrong, eat some variety and do about 30 min exercise a day, you’ll feel great

  5. Your so stupid.

    This is from a movie, its not real.

    Its something an anorexic would do.

    The solution is eat healthy pure foods, low cal, low carb, low fat, and get off your butt and exercise.

  6. Cheeses is compressed dairy fat. Not too many nutrients, too many calories. Very unsafe for your arteries.

    How about a variety of fruit instead ? Low fat, lots of nutrients, nice and filling. And an ounce or two of nuts everyday.

    Diets from movies are all nonsense from writers. Pure fiction. It is not an advertisement for some new thing no one knows about.

  7. The calcium and protein in cheese is good but there is also a lot of fat in it.

  8. Try a seaweed diet – sea weed and smoke it.

Relevant information

The famously nonsensical diet that Emily Blunt’s character in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ refers to may not be as ridiculous as you thought. All you weight-watching, calorie-counting, salad-munching beings who view the glorious, glistening chunks of fat-harbouring cheese as a one way ticket to a life-time of obesity, wobbly bits and health problems, may need to sit back and reconsider the sheer brilliance of this fantastic animal bi-product.

In large quantities; good for your waistline it is not, but scientists say that snacking on small quantities of cheese could reduce the risk of you developing Type 2 diabetes by 12%. Although still unsure, they believe it stems from the fermentation process. Who knew mold would ever significantly improve your general health?

So whether you have a penchant for camembert, or an insatiable desire for a moldly blue-type, a gooey brie, or maybe an addiction to good old, reliable cheddar, whip out the crackers and indulge in good bit of healthy eating.

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