A boy whose mass is 45.0 kg runs up to 25 steps

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A boy whose mass is 45.0 kg runs up to 25 steps, each step is 30.0 cm high in 50.0 seconds. Find the power in watts expended by the boy.
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Why did Queen Isabella let Christopher Columbus out of jail? Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus is one of the most influential men in world history. Born sometime in 1451, he is most well-known for his voyages to the American continents and bringing those lands to the attention of various European powers. This meeting of the Old World with the New World brought a great amount of riches to the former while the latter was depopulated by disease. Columbus passed away in 1506 and his reputation has been the subject of significant debate ever since.
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Which Queen Isabella dealt with Christopher Columbus? Christopher Columbus: Christopher Columbus was one of the most famous explorers of the Maritime Revolution, also known as the Age of Exploration. His “discovery” of the Caribbean islands eventually prompted massive Spanish, French, and English colonization throughout the Americas.
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Answer and Explanation: Christopher Columbus was placed in jail for six weeks after his third voyage ended in 1500. The testimony of Francisco de Bobadilla said that Columbus had been incredibly brutal to the Native population, and this was the reason for the jailtime. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand let him out of prison after an investigation and all of his wealth and status was restored.
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Answer and Explanation: The Queen Isabella that Christopher Columbus dealt with was Isabella I of Castile. She and her husband, King Ferdinand of Aragon, were the rulers of a unified Spain. Isabella became queen in 1474 and held this position until her death in 1504. Together, Isabella and Ferdinand successfully finished the Reconquista, which reclaimed Spanish lands from Muslim settlers. Columbus first asked Queen Isabella for funding for an overseas exploratory mission in 1485, but, being consumed with the Reconquista, Isabella initially denied his request. Seven years later, after the Reconquista was over, Queen Isabella provided funding for Columbus’ famous 1492 voyage.

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