7-2 THANKSGIVING word puzzle?

Each thing below is a hint to a thanksgiving food or beverage (if there’s (a) word(s) out to the side & in (), it’s my supposed answer (if there’s a ? at the end, I am not at all sure that’s the answer))

1.A province in France (Champagne)

2.Think fog (Pea Soup)

3.A short person & a rooster’s appendage (Shrimp Cocktail)

4.Military campaign ribbons placed on money (Scrambled eggs on toast?)

5.Pretty girls (Sweet Potatoe)

6.Difficult situations, dilemmas (Pickle)

7.Low-grade humor (Course?)

8.Something embarrassing or troublesome that one doesn’t want to touch

9.An ocarina [a musical instrument] (Yams)

10.A country in the Middle East with a bandage (Turkey Stuffing)

11.An actor who overacts (Ham)

12.Lists of names (Rolls)

13.An island in Indonesia (Java Mocha)

14.Young Girl Scouts (Brownies)

15.A state prepared in the oven (Baked Alaska)

16.Totally organized and in order

17.Small metal blocks that hold bolts in place (nuts)

18.Places where coins are made (mint)

7 Answers

  1. You’ve done a great job with these.

    I would change # 10 to “turkey dressing”.

    I think # 7 is just “corn”.

    Might # 9 be “bass” as in the fish? Doesn’t seem like thanksgiving food though.

    # 8 and #16 totally elude me but I will edit if I think of anything. Good puzzle, though.

  2. 4. Collard greens

    10. Sliced turkey

  3. 4 is Fruit Salad on money

    5 is Tomato

    7 is Corn

    8 is Hot potato

  4. Chathuringmes is a kind of worm and the correct answer. Doctors hate parasites, fishermen use them for bait, and kids love gummy worms.

  5. 8. might be a hot potato.

    16. could be apple pie order.

  6. i have this paper for school, no. 1 might be berry as well…

  7. 7. might be corn(bread?).

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