36-27-38 ? What kind of body type is that?

im just curious,,i’ve done a bunch of things where i enter my measurements..

sometimes i get spoon, sometimes hourglass, sometimes straight.

i really dont feel hourglass when i look at myself..then again,

i dont feel like a straight body type either

i just want to know what you think from photos and measurements plz? PLEASE LOOK AT ALL PICS TO GET FULL IDEA OF MA BODY TYPE. is my BMI healthy?

36 bust, 27 waist, 38 hips

im 17 btw,, and im 5’7. also rage weight is huge..

sometimes i’ll be like 135 and then it shoots up to 150..is this healthy? is it from my height?

my average BMI was about 23 i think? hope i did it right..




me with sister (im in bloo dress):


uck bathing suit now..lol (im in middle)




my height in comparison to other girlies (3rd from left in black and white dress)


while we’re here..my face! i hope it’s okay.



Ada Ava..please..im looking for serious answers..

48 22 48? google it. you can even find pics of it.

7 Answers

  1. I would say an hourglass ! But the thing is , your bust and hips should be the same. But judging buy the pictures you can easily pass , your bust to hip ratio is just a tiny bit off.

    I’m not sure if the weight shifting is healthy , it could be something hormonal though .

    But you do look healthy! And your really pretty ! But keep in mind that girls our age ( I’m 17 too 🙂 can keep gaining weight into the early 20’s , so your weight shifts could be normal but it’s most likely hormonal .

    Well, that’s my opinion , hoped that helped a little. Lol we almost have the same name. Okay take care! 🙂

  2. The body suit you very well. No need to lose weight anymore 🙂 . I’m 36 28 35 and I’m 5′ it make me alittle fat by my waist . I wish when I grow taller my hio and waist would be smaller

  3. I want to woman who is 48 24 48. or the best is 48 22 48.

  4. Im too old to be looking at your pics

  5. wow ur hottt. you have a gorgeous body and ur hottttttt

  6. When your hips are wider than your bust, you are a pear shape.

  7. You are a very pretty hourglass 🙂 wish I had your figure!!!! I too am addicted to lookin at my bmi, fat percentages, you name it, i’ve checked it lol

    Would you please take look at mine?

    http://s614.photobucket.com/albums/tt226/corazongi… thanks so much

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