3 Useful Tips for new League of Legends Players

League Of Legends is one of the most famous moba game in the world. In this article, VEasyLife will show you top 3 main tips for newbie to learn about the gameplay.

1. Learn hotkeys

Hotkeys is really important because they help players use champions skils, communicating with their ally,… Here are some main hotkeys in LOL:

  1. Q, W, E and R: main skills of the champion
  2. D, F: main spells
  3. 4: press this key to place the Ward
  4. G: press G to ping (need help, caution,…)
  5. H: enemies have vision here
  6. B: recall

2. Stay behind your minions

Ally minions is a shield that protect the champion. Always stay behind the minion is a good method to keep yourself away from the enemies skills. Minions will response in the whole game.

3. Communicate with team members

Because LOL is a multi-players game, you should communicate with your team members to get more than 15% win rate.

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