18 speed Grand Peak Free Spirit mountain bike?

Who makes the 18 speed Grand Peak Free Spirit mountain bike? Is it a good quality bike? I recently got a used one and am having a bike shop give it a tune up right now. I intend to use it to commute back and forth to work (approx 4 – 5 miles or so round trip).


2 Answers

  1. No it is not a good quality bike. It is awful. There are many models of Sears Free Spirit and all but two suck (and those two are mediocre at best). They are cheaply made of inferior material with poor workmanship and quality control. The components are terrible, and are always mongrels from different manufacturers with no consistency from bike to bike. Finally, they are almost always poorly assembled. The best thing you can say about them is that they are probably better than Huffys.


    Biking is hard work and a bad bike is torture, especially for a novice. Go ahead and ride it after you get it back. If you make it three weeks with this piece of crap you’ll see (if it is still functioning and if you are still wanting to ride anything).

    Don’t let your great idea to bicycle to work go to waste in a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you try to depend on this beater you’ll learn to hate cycling. Cancel the tune up and donate this POS to your church. Do some research. Ride a few different bikes and then go to Craigslist and buy ANY bike (that fits) from Trek, Cannondale or Specialized. Give yourself a chance by starting with a bike that won’t handicap you.

  2. Free Spirit was (for decades) the Sears bycicle…kind of like how Ridgid tools is with Home Depot. Sears was the main distributor.


    They are slightly less than bike-shop quality, but were usually more robust than the ones offered at other department stores (huffy, murray, etc).

    Most of the cheapness is in the hardware.

    Many Free Spirits can be upgraded with “good” hardware (brakes, wheels, etc), but the additional cost can be more than a good, used “real” bike from a bike shop.

Best free spirit 18 speed mountain bike to get inside our appliance store.

There are numerous possibilities in terms of buying free spirit 18 speed mountain bike, as well as on this site you can easily get the the one that best suits your requirements. You’ll be able to compare between brands, models and styles of bicycles.

Also below you can learn about certain points to consider when choosing amongst the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike available and helpful tips to assist you on which your option should depend on.

Free spirit 18 speed mountain bike and their prices according to their characteristics.

Many factors are taken into account in determining the price of a free spirit 18 speed mountain bike, like the way it really is manufactured and the materials used.

Bike models today are many different in comparison to a few years ago. Recently, lighter materials have been used which are more worthy of the demands of a bicycle and new designs have now been created that improve the performance of the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike.

These changes have meant a rise in manufacturing costs, but this has translated into better free spirit 18 speed mountain bike that will conform to any terrain and generally are so light it is possible to lift these with one finger. This plus the discounts available in our store make these bikes an opportunity you can’t refuse.

 Your inner system will be pleasant if you do some exercise regularly on the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike.

The features of doing this sort of sport are innumerable. It has benefits for the health, for the environment and for the rest that surrounds you.

Here is a summary of some great benefits of cycling with your free spirit 18 speed mountain bike:

Practicing sports activity with our free spirit 18 speed mountain bike enables you to have a far better looks.

If you cycle consistently, muscle tissue will gradually become toned, sculpted and firmer.   As well as this, cycling also helps you to increase the position of one’s as well as tone your pectorals.

Improve the the circulation of blood.

To be into the best physical shape you will need all of your body to the office at its best, and also this is accomplished by making the blood circulate and oxygenate the entire body properly. This also helps you to prevent major diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

The free spirit 18 speed mountain bike helps you burn off fat.

Another of the main benefits is that you will start burning fat through a tube, and you will be able to lose weight from the first week and of course you will notice this in your belly but not so much on the scales as you will also increase the size of your muscles while pedaling one of our free spirit 18 speed mountain bike.

The free spirit 18 speed mountain bike enables you to spend less.

There’s no doubt that driving these free spirit 18 speed mountain bike is a lot less expensive than driving a car. Not merely can you save money on fuel, nevertheless the spare parts are also cheaper and you also generate less maintenance costs.

The free spirit 18 speed mountain bike also improves your defense mechanisms.

Riding a bicycle helps you’ve got your defenses high, strengthening your immune protection system. This also generates a general feeling of happiness and well-being, while promoting the emergence of immune cells.

Reduce bone injuries with certainly one of these free spirit 18 speed mountain bike.

For the elderly, it is recommended to help keep their bones strong and has now been proven that exercising, even in the event it is very little, helps you to keep them calcified and resistant to shocks. So so now you know, use certainly one of our new free spirit 18 speed mountain bike to help keep your skeleton perfect.

How to go with a form of bicycle?

There are free spirit 18 speed mountain bike, road bikes, city bikes, folding bikes, etc in the marketplace. All of them are suitable for a particular cycling mode. Therefore, the first thing you should do whenever you go to buy a bike would be to choose which mode you are going to train.

Or you can pick a bike that works well for everything, such as for example a free spirit 18 speed mountain bike. It is really not exactly the same to get a bike to ride on rocky trails, rather than get one made for flat routes. This is exactly why you should know just what you’re going to make use of your bike for.

Are you considering cycling professionally, riding on flat roads, in sandy places or perhaps in the countryside? These are merely some of the questions you will need to answer to choose the best style of bike for you and when it is convenient to purchase one of several free spirit 18 speed mountain bike within our store.

Pick and Choose the right size for the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike.

Another recommendation we want to offer you after you have chosen the range of bike among the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike when you look at the store is to make sure you choose the right size, while you wouldn’t like to find a bike that is too small or to the contrary too big and heavy.

The latter may have serious repercussions, leading to back pain and injuries that you do not want to have.

It is important to be attentive to the different characteristics of every model, since with respect to the brand the sizes associated with the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike tend to alter.

It’s also wise to focus on the distance between your two handlebars and their height, as well as the maximum height regarding the seat.

Consider your budget when buying your free spirit 18 speed mountain bike.

While you will need to take special care in selecting the size and type of bicycle you need, you should think about how much money you may be happy to invest in it.

Here you’ll find alternatives for all budgets, whether you wish to spend a little more on free spirit 18 speed mountain bike or sacrifice some features to get an extremely inexpensive bicycle.

Review of the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike: Types and differences when considering them.

Essentially, you will find bicycles for all tastes and pretensions. On the one hand, you can find bicycles for riding in steep, narrow, rough, slippery, etc. places; while on the other hand there are also light bicycles, for higher speed, for just about any ground, etc.

In the following sections you will notice the various varieties of bicycles that one can buy within the store and things to consider when choosing one.

Specifications and Benefits of a Mountain Bikes

These kinds of bikes may also be popularly known as MTBs and so are primarily designed for riding on steep and rocky terrain. Like the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike, they be noticed for being quite resistant bicycles, in addition to having thick tires with tiny marked hairs that aid in increasing grip.

Within the category of mountain bikes we can find several subtypes:

  1. Cross
  2. County
  3. Freeride

Characteristics and Advantages of a Urban Bicycles

These are bicycles specially designed for riding on pavement. They allow high speeds, are lighter, and their wheels are larger and thinner.

Some Specifications and Advantages of a Free spirit 18 speed mountain bike

Because their identity suggests, we have been speaing frankly about bikes which mix qualities of MTB and route bicycles. These are generally mount and roadway bicycles, and their elaboration was created to provide solutions to those people who cycle in the neighborhood as well as on various surfaces.

Here, the bicycle structures are quite resistant, adopting a geometry which allows the rider to ride with a comfortable position, relaxing the neck and arms.

Might you use a bike to ride on several types of surfaces? Let me make it clear, hybrid bikes can be an excellent option for you.

Specifications and Advantages of a Dutch bicycles

Such bicycles are regularly also called “city bikes” and are also mainly intended for inner-city riding.

Their structures and wheels are strong and rigid, and they’re very well designed to overcome obstacles typical associated with the region (such as for instance potholes, bumps, etc.).

Dutch bicycles may also be loaded with mudguards to stop unwanted movement in rainy weather and now have a basket or luggage rack to carry personal items (backpacks, shopping, work items, etc.).

Another noteworthy aspect of these types of bicycles is that they incorporate lights in order to make riding through the night easier.  It must be noted that, in general, Dutch street bikes only have an individual speed.

Characteristics and Benefits of a Retracting bikes

As their name indicate, these are bicycles that can be easily folded and kept. They truly are designed to be applied when you look at the city, though it is feasible to locate several brands suitable of hold longer rides.

They often have tiny wheels, so that they are sensitive to imperfections which may be present in the terrain. Beyond this, they have been ideal bicycles to carry to you at all times.

Specifications and Advantages of a One speed street bikes and fixies

These are 2 kinds of bicycles with properties in common, manufactured mainly for urban cycling. They usually have an easy design, but without limiting their efficiency and functions.

Here you’ll find various kinds of handlebars, however they are all loaded with just one speed.   The primary difference between fixies and single speed is that the latter uses a freewheel, while fixie bikes have a hard and fast sprocket.

Characteristics and Advantages of a Casual riding bikes

These are heavy bikes, with thick tires and designed for short trips on pavement. They have only 1 speed and their handlebars provide a tremendously comfortable riding position.

As well as this, another distinctive property of this form of bicycle is the fact that they have backpedal brakes.

Characteristics and Advantages of a BMX exercise bikes

They have been built to allow it to be simple for the rider to complete jumps and stunts. Their frames are small but firm and resistant. In addition, some models have thick tires to facilitate the employment of the bike on smooth, loose and slippery terrain, while other designs have ready tires to facilitate its usage on ramps.

BMXs are not good way of transport mainly because their narrow design is intended just for the activity of BMX.

Specifications and Benefits of a Exploring Street Bikes

They truly are used mainly for very long extended distance travel and carrying weight. They usually have wide frames and several rims. In addition, their brakes are very powerful and they are built with several gears, such that it is easier to climb sharp places.

Specifications and Benefits of a Electrically Powered Bicycles

Today you will find electric mountain sport bikes, road, etc.. These be noticeable for having a system that provides assistance to the rider when pedaling, given that they have a motor. Therefore, these bikes can be useful with regards to climbing steep spaces or going resistant to the wind. However, it must be noted that they’re more costly bikes.

 The best free spirit 18 speed mountain bike.

If you are planning on starting to do some exercise or practice your favourite sport do always choose the free spirit 18 speed mountain bike so you will be sure you have made the correct decision.

As a conclusion we genuinely believe that the greatest free spirit 18 speed mountain bike should keep you safe when you are riding it, and last a considerably long time.

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