1/3 Food, 1/3 Water, 1/3 Air? How do you measure this?

As-Salamu alaikum brothers and sisters 🙂

I just read a question regarding overeating and was wondering, based on this hadith, how you truly measured “1/3” of all three???

How do you know?

Thanks 🙂

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  1. Not in a literal sense.

    You cant measure it, and because your stomach has three sections with slightly different functions, there is no possible way to fill it up to 2/3 anyway. The hadeeth is basically saying that indulgence in food is a sin and that you should always “leave room” in there after a meal. Don’t eat until you are full, eat until you are almost full.

    edit: you cant swallow air, and thats not where those gases come from. gases emitted from the body come from chemical changes in the food being digested.

  2. Wa alaikum salam.. For avoiding overeating you can measure it with your feeling and estimation.But in essence you must stop your eating before satisfaction

  3. Drink water with the meal. Many people do not drink while they eat. They wait until they have finished the meal.Water aids in digestion and hydration of the body. Also helps to fill the stomach No calories in water.When we take food in our moths, chew and swallow. Air naturally goes in as well. That why we belch and have flatulence ..It’s just logical.

  4. Very easy. Just within an hour after eating you should start feeling hungry again. one or two glasses of water is OK.

  5. lol you cant measure it…its not meant to be taken literally.

    it means that when you eat, only eat enough to stop your hunger, only drink enough to quench your thirst and the wrest is the air that your breathing.

  6. dude..Zunnun so wanted to ask that Question…you asked (:

    Zunnun eats a lot need to control..answer this Q guyzz

  7. Start with hunger, end with hunger.

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